Purple stems sagging fan leaves

These ladies have been growing for about a month and everything was going fine until this past week I started to notice purple stems and the fan leaves are really droopy. Growing in nectar for the gods #4 soil using geoflora dry nutrients, tap water left out 24 hours, .6 ml of mammoth p, 2ml calmag, 2ml silica, recharge, and 5ml blackstrap molasses every feeding. Ph was a bit high at 6.9 when measuring runoff this morning. Growing in 1 gal fabric pots. Please help me

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Purple stems are nothing to worry about. It is normal.

6.9 is a little high, but tolerable for most plants.

You might want to transplant those into bigger pots. One gal bags are pretty small for photo plants.

Drooping is common around watering time or lights on/lights off.

Manage nutes to proper runoff PPM rather than just input dosages. Nutrient salts can build up over time leading to higher PPMs and trouble managing pH.


Droopy leaves are a sign of:


root issue

posturing before night hours


I’m glad you mentioned transplanting because that’s what I was leaning towards. The pots are drying in 2 days and I think its time to get them in at least 3 gallons.


Looks also like they are ready to up-pot


Thanks for all the advice. Two of them went into 3 gal pots so hopefully they bounce back with a little time.

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