Purple stems on Blueberry Autos

Hey guys! Can anyone let me know if purple stems and stalks are a part of the genetics in blueberry autos? Anyone that also grew these and had the same thing happen? Just want to make sure it’s “normal”. Thanks all! :man_farmer:
It’s been flowering for a month or so now :smiley:

Could be genetics, cal mag deficient, phosphorus deficient, or cal mag and phosphorus deficient @Mattybear


Thanks bud! I ordered some dolomite lime to help with my ph being low and to add some cal/mag. Is that safe to use during flowering? @Majiktoker

Keep an eye on them as dolomite lime makes your soil more alkaline if you end up with a problem youd know why


Perfect, thanks my dude! My runoff ph is low due to me being an impatient newbie. I appreciate you @Majiktoker for taking time to help me out! Cheers