Purple stems day 13

About the grow:
Day: 13 from popping out of the ground
Grow medium: x3 coco loco + Earth Dust nutes and x3 75% pure coco 25% earth worm castings and some perlite and Earth Dust nutes
Issue: some purple stems
Strain: white widow auto from ilgm

I noticed purple stems only on the first two leaves of the plant. This is the case of 4 out of 6 plants. It’s not on any new growth. I noticed it this morning. I can’t confirm if it wasn’t there previously as I believe I could have easily missed it. Otherwise, they are very healthy and growing fairly fast according to friends. I know that purple stems indicate a calmag issue. However, I’m very confident that there’s enough calmag present in the medium. I even called the green sunshine company to just verify what they recommend for calmag regime with their nutes. They said that there would be plenty of calmag present between the grow medium and nutes. The stems are not purple underneath them, but only on the top.

One thing to note, I used a new water filter to remove chlorine yesterday. Like an idiot, I just used the water before checking it. For some reason, it’s raising my ph to 9.5. I only used like a cup per plant, so I really don’t think this is an issue. However, if the plants are experiencing nute lock from it, maybe that could be the reason. The stems have looked about the same all day.

Below I’ll have one picture of the purple stems and another plant that is normal.

Plants look fine: STOP feeding them. Unless you know the salt content of your soil (slurry or runoff test), you are going to overfeed plants.

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Thanks for the info! I’m doing organic dry amendments, so I don’t feed anything. I only water. The ppm out of the tap is 32.

Some plants just have purple stems. Its never caused any problems in my plants.
And chlorine is hyperchloric acid…thus removing it shifts the pH up. You need to pH DOWN back to where you need to me. My water goes from 7 to high 8s after letting the chlorine gas off overnight.

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that’s really freaking interesting. I’m going to have to check. I’ve double checked before and never noticed a rise in PH. I actually wanted to move away from using ph up and down. I’ve heard that it can build up in the soil. I can’t imagine it’s that big of a deal since it’s like the tiniest drop of ph down I’m using in a whole bucket.

Yeah, at 32 ppm it wont take but a drop or a few to adjust. Its a pain sometimes.
That also means your tap water has little disolved calcium and magnesium. You might at least add some calmag to your filtered tap water before adjusting the pH. Get it around 150-200 ppm

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What strain ?

White Widow Auto by ILGM.