Purple stems at top of plant . What is it?


Since this past Sunday I have had a lot of purple stems at top of the plant start also leafs fading color please help what is it? And how to fix it fast …ending 5th week in flower in 2 days and I did not notice any fattening of the buds happen.


Welcome! The experts are going to need more info. Consider filling out a support ticket and some pics would help also. Good luck


Here is a picture


You can try adding over drive by Advance nutrients are any flower booster for week 4 on most nutrient charts that might give you that last plump to fatten your buds up .


The purple could be strain related or low temps. I don’t believe it’s a bad thing.


Strain is gold leaf nutes or water ph to 6.4-6.7 …soil ph 6.5-6.8 feeding with molasses 2 tbsp per gal have had some cold nights down to the 50F this past week


Thank you for the advise strain is gold leaf had 2 cold nights down to 50F


My gold leaf had purple in the stems as well. The yellowing of the leaves is normal as the plant nears its end. If you haven’t already start watching your trichomes. I’m a beginner too so be patient and more experts will chime in but I think you’re in good shape.


Thank you only my 2nd grow so I am nervous and want the best for the plants


I think the purplish stems is a characteristic in the strain if your fan leaves are not showing typical defiency issues than its just genetics . But using molasses helps balance your calcium and iron levels in your medium , it does not and I repeat does not sweeten your buds , the molecules are to large for the plant roots to use molasses as beneficial microbial nutrients for the plant . But molasses does help balance calcium and iron in a soil and coco coir grow ! But you only need 1 ml which is one teaspoon per gallon . I’m no expert but I have done two full grows with an auto flower and photo period indica and sativa with molasses instead of Calmag and had good results but 1 teaspoon per gallon every watering and feeding at my different ph levels depending on what week my plant was I at the time.