Purple spreading from veins

Hi All,
My first post so i appologies in advance for any faux-par i commit straight out the door.

Ill start with this:

  • Strain; Gorrila Glue Auto - FastBuds - Seed
  • Hydro - 20 Litre NFT
  • Reservoir PH: 5.7 average
  • Strength of nutrient mix: Not Measured (bad move i know, about 85% of recommended on bottle - Shogun Line)
  • Indoor
  • 600w HPS Full spectrum & 250w LED Full spectrum (both on at same time, i move the LED around)
  • Day Temp: 24C / Night 14 - 18C depending on weather
  • Average humidity is 62%
  • Air Extraction system (300m2/hr) with circulating fan
  • No AC/ Humidifier or Dehumidifier
  • No CO2
    *About 2-3 weeks left until harvest.

The problem i’m experiencing is as seen in the images below, most of the plant seems healthy(or healthy enough… i nutrient burnt it and all sorts of mistakes you would expect from a first grow). I’ve tried researching it but can’t quite identify the problem. Kind of looks like manganese deficiency but at the same time , not quite and i don’t have the experience to say with certainty. So i’m turning to you all, I hope you can help.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Strongly suggest starting ALL nutes at 20% of mfg’s schedule. They have no idea what you are growing. You can always move up. But, following mfg’s schedule usually means you toast the plants.
That simple.
Use a commercial flush, then plain PH’d water for a week.

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Don’t measure the nutes and don’t watch the PH…gets you a great big harvest of useless hay.
Your choice…Think it’s too much trouble. Don’t waste time n effort. Head down to the dispensary and buy smoke from people who grow for a living.

Thanks for the advice, ill give it a flush and see how it responds.
Appreciate you taking time to reply.

Well, i’ll be devastated if the one item i couldnt afford costs me my whole grow but sounds like my luck. If all this ends up as dead or “useless hay” as you put it, i might just be heart broken lol.

@Raine…lots of folks here will gladly offer advice.
Now is much better than 40 yrs ago…it was read The One Grow Book and learn the hard way that following the mfg’s schedules will make your plants great big bunch of burned hay. Heck, if I had access to the information and helpful folks here …back then, I would not have felt so frustrated, unhappy, useless and incompetent. Lost count of grows I toasted accidentally. Because of the environment back then. Couldn’t talk about it…ask questions…let anyone know…that would be a really good way to have the Gestapo Swat teams kicking in your door at 4 am and dragging you off to a cage with REALLY MEAN NASTY UNHAPPY PEOPLE…no fun that. Think the rape scene in Deliverance…where the horny guy tells the helpless city boy…“You have pretty lips…just like a girl”…:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::grimacing:

Haha, i didn’t expect this post to remind me of that scene in deliverance but theres no going back now :slight_smile: (fair point by the way)

I’ve swapped out my reservoir for plain PH 6.3 water (ish, my PH pen literally just died on me but I’ve got the liquid version that’s not as accurate).

Thanks again for the suggestion, ill try keep this post updated over next few days and see how we get on.

Any suggestion on if i should be removing the troubled leaves?

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I personally wouldn’t stress over your situation but I would probably start drawing back on your nutrients a little.

If your in dwc then stick with weekly rez changes and I wouldn’t take your nutrients to zero ppm until the last 4-5 days before harvest but it wouldnt hurt anything to start cutting back some.

You could probably go ahead and remove the affected leaves, they aren’t really helping anything right now but don’t remove ones that still have some green in them

And I would get this lower


I’m going to also add that you have WAY more than two weeks to go. As long as the plant is pushing white pistils it’s actively growing bud mass. When they have begun to turn brown is when you will start to watch for cloudy trichomes.

You can get away with not having a TDS meter in soil but there’s no way you can do a good job in hydro. It’s GOT to be monitored and adjusted. That and PH are your two most critical data sets.

If you haven’t yet; start a journal so you can monitor the progression of flower. If the seed bank quotes X days to harvest then you have another rough cut data point to work with.

Finally; when you get close to harvest you want to be on a water only diet to leach undesirable nutrient residue from the plant. It makes a huge difference in the quality of the smoke.

You are doing pretty well actually.


Yes…pull dead leaves. That way you can tell if the problem is solved or continues.

Get a PH meter asap. Without it, you are flying blind.

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I didn’t see your post haha! I’m high.


Thanks for the advice, i’ll leave it flushing for a couple of hours make sure there is nothing left over from previous reservoir contents and then add a little nutrient.

I tested the PH again and it appears to have dropped to between 5.5 and 6.0 (its a colour chart thing until i get another PH pen) so i wont adjust it for now and make my next feed around the same PH.

Ive removed the 2 worst leaves, the rest still have a fair bit of green in them so i’ll leave them for now and see how they progress.

Thanks again!

Glad to hear i’ve got more than 2 weeks left, i was worrying that this might hinder everything too much just before harvest. i will say that, about 10% of the ‘pistils’ are brown so maybe not much longer.

Yeah, next paycheck i’ll get a TDS meter and replacement PH pen.

I had read that flushing for the last week or so is a must, appreciate you mentioning it though :slight_smile:

Really appreciate you saying i seem to be doing well, ultimately as a first grow i have nothing to gauge against so, thanks :slight_smile:

thanks for taking the time to replay, appreciate any help i can get :slight_smile:


Amazon sells many sets of PH and PPM meters…for around $20 + shipping.
If you do a 30 day trial period of the Prime …free shipping and two day delivery.

Really would like to see your grow make it good. Growing is a blast…if you are a proud daddy.

AND…DWC reservoir is best a 5.8 PH. That allows the BEST spectrum of nute access for plants. Let the Ladies grow until the buds are big and fluffy.


In fact; spend as much as you can handle on a PH meter. Don’t forget Standard Reference Solution. This is the meter many of us here use; I’ve had mine for over a year and it’s still dead on. The TDS meter is a pretty important aid in maintaining the proper PPM’s in your reservoir.

Things can happen pretty quickly in hydro. @TDubWilly has his act together on hydro and is one I’d go to for any advice or mentoring.

Here’s a loupe:

@Aquaponic_Dumme : sorry, here’s another one.

@Myfriendis410 :slight_smile: no worries


Lol thank you very much @Myfriendis410

Ya I don’t mess around when it comes to pH meters. This is the one I use

PH400 Portable pH Meter Kit, 0.01 pH Accuracy, 0-14.00 pH Measuring Range, 3ft Probe, 3-Point Auto Calibration, pre-mixed buffers included


I got lazy and didn’t check pH for two weeks, this is what happens when you get lazy like me.
Don’t be like me lol!!


That’s a little more than my PH20 lol.