Purple punch yellowing on leaves

  • What strain, Purple punch seedsman
  • Method: Ffof with coco loco mix extra perlite and some worm compost
  • Vessels: 3 gallon air pot
  • PH of Water, Ph 6.5 runoff last was about 7 so I lowered the ph of water to 6.1 and that brought the runoff down to bout 6.4
  • PPM/TDS or ppm of runoff was 1600
  • Indoor or Outdoor Indoor 2x3 tent
  • Light system growmol 600 watt burpee led running full on both spectrums
  • Temps; Right now 80 to 82 day only fluctuate bout two degrees at night
  • Humidity; Running 46 humidity now
  • Ventilation system; Yes, 4 inch carbon fan and filter and small circle fan blowing out from top have one fan blowing in at bottom and two more in the tent moving air around
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, yes in both
  • Co2; Yes, yes a small fart bag

I’ve been using the fox farms dirty dozen nutes at 1/4 strength also giving it calmag and silica blast once a week

I’m seeing some yellowing on a few leaves I’m wondering if it’s from when my ph was a little high or something else does it need more of something potassium cal mag??

You’re flowering, and at 1/4 strength nutes? I’d say she’s under fed.

It just stared flowering going in it was 1900 runoff was bout 1700 didn’t want to overdo this one my first grow went a little hard on the nutes and git a lot of nute burn

Should I up the flower nutes my next watering but come off the nitrogen a little maybe go up to half strength