Purple power pleasure

Just getting ready here in OZ for the harvest, got 2 GG,1 PH,2GDP, 2PK and just waiting for the last to finish another week or so should do it!
The perfume is unbelievable,GDP is it.So fruity and the test pilots all give the thumbs up.
Onto the next but so far only the GDP x 2 came up , 3 PH - 3 PK no shows , bit bummed about it, second time round loyal fan hoping to see something with the next lot .
Heres some happy


Looks like they got awhile to go still

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Yea def like 5 weeks my guess from pics

Old photos, 10 wks ago - tri’s80% milky, 10%turning, looking and smelling awesome, no purple though, maybe not cold enough!
First taste amazing

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Well that explains everything I thought those were current pictures.

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I had temps down below 40 degrees and they never turned color. This was the inside temps of the house when our power was turned off in the Texas hard freeze.

The critics have all given a thumbs up, great smooth taste, amazing smell and high as kites :laughing: