Purple plant and the power pack mix?

I just popped two of each seed from the power pack mix everything came up but one of them the shell did not come off of the seed and it died the one next to it is solid purple already and I mixed up the labeling on these plants so I don’t know which one is which has anybody grown all three of these at once before does anybody know which one of them grows purple immediately I need to start another one ASAP so it stays in the same time frame as the others thank you all in advance

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Next time you still see the shell head on the leaf very lightly pick it off and what I do is each one I started in red Solo cups i label what each one is and as far as the purple, even though it’s genetically capable to grow purple it’s not going to display that unless the temperature is manipulated by giving lower night temps than normal

Wouldn’t all 6 change if it were the temp

Not if its jot in its genetic makeup… could be many other colors…gold pinks purple blue/turqoise reds chocholates (brown greens) I’ve even grown rainbow leaves plants

and usually helps trigger anthocyanin activation but theres no garunteenin the plant world :sunglasses::v: