Purple Leaves taking over


So your suggesting not do the flush, but feed new nutrients to get the pH in the right range as I described? Or something else?


how do u know when to water…
do u feel the ‘soil’, lift the pots, use a moisture meter, or do u go by a time schedule.?

what and how much have u been feeding them.?
do u feed every watering.?


I don’t know what point he is at in the grow so I’m not really trying to suggest anything other than to not take drastic action if he is down to the last couple of weeks.


They have added Epsom salts and now the pH is above 8.0. My suggestion was to get back to the proper pH and with the proper nute mix for the stage of the grow.


Ok brother, that sounds great, just here to express not opinion, not debate it out


@TDubWilly I’m just trying to understand what you are suggesting, not start a debate. I’m sorry if it was taken that way.


I water when there dry I use to feel the soil but i now have a moisture meter to check both top and bottom. 2 dry days in a row is longest i go. Was on every other day but that fluxuates.
Now that there into flower i’ve been feeding them FF Tiger Bloom,been alternating every other day on light and heavy doses.
I feed every other watering. But last 3 watering/feeding i’ve been adding 1/2 tsp of epsom
I’m around 3 weeks into flower


Tiger Bloom is only feed they receive the strength of nutes is 2-8-4


I don’t know what point he is at in the grow, if he’s at the end, deficiencies are gonna happen anyways and attempts to start correcting everything at a late point in the grow is usually futile in my opinion, so what I would do is just start correcting the pH at each watering by pHing my water to about 5.8. As run off pH begins to drop, I would slowly start increasing the pH of what goes in the top of the soil.

If it’s before week 6 I might do a flush if the run off test shows ppms being high, hell now that I’m sitting here thinking, I would probably just do a flush with, just like you said @WickedAle

With water pHed to 6. By the time the flush is done the soil pH will probably be about 6.2-6.3 giving him some elbow room for pH to fluctuate a little.


Im not a fan of “the flush” unless it’s just necessary. I would rather “nurse” the plant back by overcompensating on things just a little each watering.

I’ll still do flushes, I just reserve them for times that if I don’t do something quick the plant will be very badly affected.

I got drunk and spilled a bunch of bloom nutes into a 3 gal soil container with a plant that was 2 weeks from harvest…I flushed immediately! I would just rather “walk” a damaged plant back up health instead of running it there. Hope that makes sense


Whatever you do then, your end goal will be to get pH to the optimal phosphorous uptake level (I believe charts are posted above) and make sure the plant is receiving the recommended amount of phosphorous for its age. At this point on the grow timeline you will definitely need more P for overall bud structure


@WickedAle @SlowOldGuy Man you guys are good and absolutely correct . I got that plant as a clone from a friend that was growing it in Miracle Grow - over-fertilized maybe , without PHing the water - roots and had a bout with gnats - from over watering . It was half dead and root bound when I got it and never expected it to get anywhere . He grew 3 of that strain and 2 of them were dark like mine . Thats why I was leaning in that way of mine being genetics . Low temperature could play into it also as we both are growing in basements . I try to stay out of my grow room when I’m drunk . I would destroy it …LOL…Now I’m thirsty !


@Seeddog I bet if you cloned and reveged a portion of it with the appropriate ph control she’d be all green.


Here’s a update on my purple leaves which was caused by a high ph. 2 days ago i watered all 4 and i got my ph going in to 5.7 avg on 4 plants, Runoff was 7.1 7.0 7.4 7.1 .Still ended up high. I did add Tiger Bloom 1/2 dose to the water nothing else. Symptoms i’m still seeing are yellow blotches on one plant,and yellow leaves but i think that could be somewhat normal. Despite the ph problem to them i think them buds are showing they want to grow. So here is pics of my sick plants, I’m looking for some suggestions on what my next move should be when there dry again. And i really can’t tell if there getting better or worse. Im just about ready to hit the flush button. @SlowOldGuy @Seeddog @TDubWilly


7.4 was Mr Purple.?
i’d water with 6.3-6.6 pH on the 3 and 5.7 again on the high pot.

they look worse, the purple seems the same, but the dying fans looks worse.

a good flush might do em some good.
do u have a flushing agent.? (like Clearex salt remover)
my mommas get flushed from time to time with a salt remover,
this strips the media tho, leaving nearly no nutrients behind,
after a rinse in Clearex they get lots of plain water then 1/2 strength pH’d veg fert’s.


Clearex is just sugar water and doesn’t have any pH buffering capacity. I would just continue to feed properly pH’d nutes appropriate for the stage of growth. The nutes contain buffers specifically phosphate that will bring the pH back to the proper range.


Leaves are turning yellow as the plant feeds upon itself since it cannot absorb the nutrients at the roots.


what about epsom salt ?


i don’t have a flushing agent i sure would of had one if i knew i needed it


Good ph run off numbers 6.4,now wait and see