Purple Leaves taking over


That’ll do it.


CRAP ! I was advised to add it from another post


PH everything before you add it and make sure it’s fully dissolved.


Will Do, thanks


Advice wasn’t wrong, just left out a detail. CalMg and sulfates are great for late bud development, but need to be in the proper pH to work with everything else.


My PH is a work in progress.


We are all learning. Was told to add a P-K booster, but it was very acidic. Everything turned purple on the other side of the pH scale.



Look familiar??.. phosphorous deficiency


Look at number 5 under the deficiency side



And it’s probably because it’s been locked out by the pH and not because you don’t have it.


This is where hydro is so much easier. I’d just add some acid to correct pH. With soil you need to completely flush with water until ppm is low and then refresh with proper mix of pH nutes.


Your probably right, zinc and iron excess can lock out phosphorous also but zinc and iron excess is very rare and hard to do because most nutrient lines are not overloaded with it, so my guess would be pH


@HogStix I think @TDubWilly is correct on his diagnose on a deficiency . The purple polar bear that I grew had dark color from the beginning with purple stems and dark leaf edges and I’m pretty sure it’s genetics in my case

as the new growth was always green . I sure hope you get it fix up .


@Seeddog Not to be critical but your plants don’t look perfectly healthy either and may have been effected by something too.


i agree with Wicked, that looks like more then just a P def.

looks like that plant had root problems,
over-watered, high/low pH, over-fertilized…???


@SlowOldGuy @WickedAle @TDubWilly I’m not wanting to make this any worse. I have a watering coming up, what should my next step be ? I know i have to get my ph in check but besides that should i continue to give it the cal/mag or epsom salt or just run straight water ?


Flush water through the plant. 2x volume of soil. No need to pH the water. You are just trying to remove the salts from the soil.

Mix up a batch of new nutes adding the Epsom salts to your mixture. Check and adjust pH to 6.5. Refeed your plants with the nutes until the water coming from the soil PPM and pH match the values of the nutrients feed.


I need a reasonable priced ppm meter , any suggestions ? I realize i need to know my ppm’s. But i can flush and keep my ph around 6.5 until i get one.


PH of the effluent water from the plant soil will be enough to monitor that you have put enough of the nutes into the soil to correct the pH.


If you are less than 2-3 weeks from harvest I wouldn’t worry too much about it, just keep on track with your pH