Purple Leaves taking over

I’m running four lights 18-6 , light bill went up 40 bucks, hps lights burn up power and real hot, not so good in Florida.


I’m using hps 600 and yes electric bill went up around 15 bucks. Hope no one else noticed the spike. I was battling heat daily until i put in a more powerful intake fan,and i’m lucky i can just open a full size door to lower temps but then i lose humidity. 4 lights would be a battle with heat. I have 4 plants under one light and it’s getting real crowded. I was surprised that my tops in the corner or down under still seem to get light.

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That’s alot of light. What strain is that exactly ? You said it has Girl Scout in it,what else ?

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The pic I posted of mine is just Girl Scout Cookies. Its the Blue Cookies that is GSC and Blueberry, thats what @HogStix was orig asking about. I showed a pic of my GSC just to show that it may be the GSC genetics giving the purple, just a thought.


I had a plant turn purple because it had a pH drift below 5.0. Have you monitored your pH and seen any low ph readings? They sure are pretty when they turn.


This strain is Polar Bear I just harvested with purple stalks and and some very purple leaves and others leaves green on the same plant .

. Genetics on this one , I think .


Significant drop in lights off temperature will do that too.


I like her shes pretty :slight_smile:


this does not look or sound genetic, especially with major progression in the past few days.

check the run off of all 4 pots, see if there is a large difference in EC and pH of the purple one.!

check for bugs.!!!
might be something in the ‘soil’…???

do u use any dry fertilizers or amendments.?
the bottom of the jug can have toxic levels of salts if not mixed well.!
if this one plant happens to get the bottom of the jug every time it could be a nutrient toxicity.!!


I just had a chance to use my new ph pen this morning and they were all fine going in with nutes but run off PH was high 7.5 to 8.1

I hope your wrong about bugs. Another plant is showing signs of the purple but there all leaves up higher on the newer growth. I wasn’t gona deal with my PH issues until i got my PH pen. And i used it for the first time this morning. I proved a couple things with it first the drop test was pretty accurate just off 1/10,and second my run off PH is high, mr. Purple’s PH was 8.1 and the other 3 in the mid 7’s. I know i need to bring it down next watering. I always keep an eye out for bugs and haven’t seen any since going to all organic soil.

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That Polar Bear looks wicked. I would welcome that purple any time. I’ve never smoked anything with the color purple in it but i’m hoping to

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6.0-7.2 is fine for ‘soil’ runoff, but 8.1 is way too alkaline,
when it is that high, P is restricted, and Mg, Fe, Br, Cu, and Zn r nearly cut off completely.

do not over-water trying to lower the pH, it is worse then low nutrient uptake.!

do u know what caused the high pH.?

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i think this is a fairly accurate soil pH chart…

i think it came from GrowWeedEasy.

Great stoners think alike.!! LOL


Was trying to find…replaced just as you posted. LOL

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I really don’t know what spiked it like that. My temps are fluctuating with lows of 64 and high 82 my daytime temp has stayed around 75. My humidity is a struggle to get over 30. Shut down some fans to bring it up to 31%. Can’t say as to when this started cause i didn’t have a good ph meter til now. This is starting to snowball and yea it’s getting my full attention. I have PH up and down so Here’s my plan unless advised something better. I’m gona have to make two batches for next watering or feeding (7.9,8.1) and (7.5,7.6) . My PH going in was 6.6 so get that around 5 going in and more or less for the other ?

Thanks SOG ive seen it before but not as nice and bright as this

Do you use any powdered cal/mg (dolamite lime) in your soil mix? It may be slowly dissolving causing the pH to migrate up.

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I recently started using 1/2 tsp of epsom salt during watering and feeding, which has probably been 3 times.