Purple Kush - Yield?

This as well. I like 85%+ pistils amber before i even check trichomes. Trichs are the things you want to watch for bud maturity not pistils. Sorry bro


@PurpNGold74 I think hit it on target. Timeline.
Yet next outdoor step up those pots to 5/7 or larger. (Major downside) you cant control MamaNature, like Indoors.

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Thanks –I have one more plant – now 55 days since it first showed, but only 18” –flowers on this one were first seen on August 10 after only 39 days since it first showed.

It’s small for some reason, but with this one, I’ll wait until the pistils are at least 75% brown, and see what kind of yield I get.

Thanks so much for responding – being a newcomer to this fun “hobby” I need all the help I can get.


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No probs Bob. Anytime. If u need anything else. Drop a tag like @pl19060583c just put my name. Itll send a notification to me