Purple kush smoke/grow review

Have not had the complete harvest yet but I broke a bud off while working in the tent so of course I tried it. So here we go

Fem seeds hit the dirt on 4-20 grown in fox farms ocean forest. Seeds popped no problem so it went in the dirt and a 2 qt pot. Vegged under hlg 260 turned all the way down in a 3 foot by 20 inch tent.
Nothing but water and calmag all they way to flower. By then I got a 4 x 4 because there wasn’t enough room so I moved them and the light. Switching to flower at week 5 because I needed to get something going after a disastrous previous grow.
Tent is running 63 - 80 degrees and plant took off after the move. Started giving gh 0-10-10 at week 2 of flower. By week 5 I added molasses and tps signal every watering.
I’m really high and keep forgetting where I’m at on this post so I’ll finish by saying it was the easiest grow for me yet. Extremely dense heavy buds. I’ll try and remember more in a little while is I can stay off the pipe lol.


Looking good! I hope she smokes like a champ. Couple more weeks and itll be chopping time