Purple Kush-Should I cut off the top VEG

I wanted to grow a 100% Indica strain because I like the energetic high. I decided to grow some out doors this year. I have a 12’ high green house. My plants are over 6 feet and in the VEG stage for another 2 months.

I used GROW this year and it sent all my plants in over drive. Look at the tomato plant in the photo with some of the plants. It went crazy.

If I cut the top VEG will the plant just get bushier?SANY0121

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Yeah, you can cut the top. It’ll be like topping late in life. If try supercrop before I cut. Just Google it, you’ll find all you need to know

Thanks I’ll give it a shot

Plants are going to be bushy regardless of topping. I would leave tops as they’ll be the biggest buds on the plant.

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Tie them down. Or super crop them. They will bush out