Purple Kush seed size?

I got some purple Kush feminized seeds and they are very small! Taking a while to germinate in water. Has anybody received smaller than average seeds before? Or is it this strain?

Sour diesel on the left purple Kush on the rightPurple Kush seed size??

Size of seeds isn’t an issue. Some are larger than others, just like plants and people.


The seed doesnt look fully matured yet on the r. No real markings super shiny and like a wet look. It might pop.but prolly could have cooked a bit longer from looks. But seeds eill never be yhe same size. All will differ as will the plants when they grow as covert says. Good luck hopefully not too much of a problem for u

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Ive found seed size has very little impact on final growth seed color may since I find pale seeds to germinate less often

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I appreciate all of your responses! I was just curious because it was smaller than I’m used to seeing LOL and it’s taking a while to germinate. It looks like the whole :seedling: is coming out of the seed and not just a root tip but these are straight from ILGM :thinking: I’ll continue through and see what happens!