Purple Kush ready to harvest

Hey everyone new here, new grower. Just wanted to share, my girl ready to harvest in a couple of days!!


Looks ready to me. :sunglasses:


Looks beautiful nice work

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Thank you!

Thanks for sharing your success. Welcome to the forum

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I read ur bio, I too was an HVAC tech, retired now, small world.

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I’m just outside of st Louis mo now. Are you from here

No, Ugh, California originally. I’m retired Army, been all over, settled in Maine.

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I graduated high school in West Sacramento but went to Pasadena jr high and so. Pasadena Jr high. Was a blast living out there. Ugh!!! Was that for st. Louis lolol.

Nice!! SF fan or Oakland?

I guess if I had to pick it would be 70’s Oakland. Also had army friends that lived in San Jose. I surfed in sa ta Cruz and at ft ord once

Welcome to the forum!

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