Purple Kush, Lucy and Ethel



Lucy is starting to fill in.


I can’t help myself but they’re just too beautiful not to share


One more at 3 weeks


beginning week 5, 300 parts per million tiger bloom, Big Bloom given 3 times so far


looking great @Dizzydan,i’m going to let you in on a little secret…
PK is fire!!!


I used PK on my last grow and almost killed them. What ended up happening is I gave them too much and it burned almost all of the flowers. Only the top four in we’re saved. Ive only used it twice on this grow.


lol,PK as in purple kush…
your plants are looking great,i see no problems with them…


Lol, thats funny i thought you were talking about pk the nutrient


Lucy is Filling in really nicely. Still have 3 + 1/2 weeks to go


Wow those look great… Outstanding job


Very nice.


Week 6 i had to give a little nitrogen with their feeding too slow the yellowing on the leaves on Ethel. Looking really good and I’m hoping in the next two weeks they fill in and swell up is in size.