Purple Kush, Lucy and Ethel



Look at those wonderfully filled pots! :grinning:

Lucy & Ethel look very happy.


Week 5 since since germination, The girls got a tiny bit of a haircut yesterday as a topped them. But only the grow tip. They’re growing good so far.


the perfect pair…


Lucy and Ethel have graduated to the flowering room. Even though I’ll leave the lights on for 18 hours for another week and then 12:12 for them



They’re getting there😉. I’m hoping to harvest my purple kush in the next couple weeks!


nice looking plants there @Dizzydan


Lucy and Ethel are looking very very good and getting closer to going to 12:12. Look at all them growing shoots.


They do look great! Good job.


I am amazed how nice these two plants are getting along and not getting in trouble. Looks like Ethel as a branch with four growing tips on it. A few weeks ago she split into threes. Never seen anything like it. Beginning the wind down to 12:12 on Monday. I can’t wait


Read your grow journal your girls look great will be following closely to learn for my next grow . You mind me asking you light set up your using . Wen you put them in the he flower tent did you change your lights to more of a flower or did you leave it on veg. Thanks stop


I start all my girls on T5 fluorescent lights for approximately six weeks and then when they go into the flower room. There they are illuminated by a 600-watt LED full spectrum light on veg mode for another week to 10 days. In that time I will start reducing the light from 18 hours to 12 hours. Once there on 12 hours I will turn on the bloom mode along with veg mode for the duration up there 8 weeks.


Both Lucy and Ethel are beginning to show their beautiful flowers. In the middle of week 2


Looking really great.


Ok here’s a quick gif of the girls life up to now


that is kool @Dizzydan


That is awesome :hushed: I love it thank you for sharing :wink:


Ok I started to feed both Lucy and Ethel foxfarms big bloom and a low dose of tiger bloom extra strength fertilizers. I have noticed some of the lower leaves starting to Yellow. So the extent of Happy Frog is about 8 weeks worth of nutrients.


Starting third week in flower. The monster bud is starting to get some purple in it.


That second pic of the flowering bud is so pretty! Nice job :grin:


This one particular branch came up out of nowhere not too long before I topped her. The branch is a monster compared to the rest of the plant and since I’m curious of how it’s going to finish I’m going to allow it to keep growing. What it looks like is 6 growing tips all in one bunch.