Purple Kush, Lucy and Ethel



Hi all, meet Lucy and Ethel. Two beautiful purple kush babies started from seed. Then transferred to grow pods and then transfer to 6 in pots with Happy Frog. This particular grow I am going to let it do its own thing in nothing but Happy Frog with no nutrients. If the leaves start showing that they need food then I’ll give it to them.


That’s an excellent plan. You will definitely need to supplement during flower though.


We’ll see, I’m going to have to start from the basics and try not to ruin this crop. I have a bad tendency to over do it and cause the girl to do so wiered stuff. If anything they’ll get some foxfarms big bloom


picture perfect start @Dizzydan


You had me at Lucy & Ethel! Let’s see what kind of hijinks these 2 get themselves into!


Interesting. No nutes. This one is will be worth watching.



You got my attention. I am currently growing a purple kush that is in Fox Farm ocean Forest and she just recently and showing signs of nute burn. I had only given her one 1/2 strength dose and that’s it. Yours look great so far!


So far I had two separate grows get over fertilized so I’m starting over from base one. Unless they show signs that they need something they’ll only get nutrients from the Happy Frog.


What a difference 24 hours make.