Purple Kush hermie

This is my third strain to go hermie. I’ve grown 7 strains from feminized seeds from ilgm, and 3 so far have this issue. What am I doing wrong?

I’m growing indoors, in a grow tent, in an interior room with no windows and one dim light. I am the only person with access to it. Temp range is 68-78. Vegetative light time was 18/6 for 8 weeks typically and then 12/12 for flowering. Never allowed to wilt, watering when needed only. Not sitting in standing water. General Hydroponics nutrients.

Strains that went hermie were Zkittlz, Gorilla Glue#4 and now Purple Kush. Strains that didn’t were Northern Lights, California Dream, Northern Lights and White Widow.

What is happening is roughly a month into flower I’ll have nice buds forming. Then at the junction of the branches I’ll see little swollen pod looking buds. They open and a single little tiny flower opens at each branch junction. Seeds haven’t actually been an issue though surprisingly. I’ve gotten a few but not that many.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll answer any questions as honestly as I can.

The little pod like buds are about the size of a small caper if you know what they are. I’ve confirmed what they are in a previous post when the Zkittlz did it

Do you have pics? People sometimes confuse swollen beginner calyx as male sacs. If you get seeds, then there were definitely male sacs present. I had a blackberry kush produce a couple seeds. Unfortunate byproduct of feminized seeds. They were created by forcing a female to hermie. So that trait can be passed on.


I’ll look for pics. I don’t have any from this go around. Thanks for the input, my fear is exactly that, that it’s a trait that’s getting a little too prominent. But if it’s my doing I want to change what I’m doing to prevent it

It’s ok I found your post. The first is a calyx (female part). The second looks to be an open male flower. Looks like you sprayed with water which may have actually helped keep the pollen from spreading.


Ur not alone, it comes with the territory. Get some regular seeds n cull the males, that will improve u chances dramatically. R deal with the feminized seeds n eye on’em when u go 12-12. Also u said u got a dim light, man if ur light is dim, r flickering u know the results r usually hermies :+1::+1::v::v::alien:

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Try growing some regulars


fems can be prone to herming… from no fault or the slightest red power light some say… I have never had a herm and I’ve only grown regs

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Thanks for looking for my last post. Yes, I sprayed to keep pollen down and locked up.

The dim light is in the room that my grow tent is in. The grow light is an HLG LED light and not dim at all. Sorry for the confusion. I mentioned it only because I know light bleed could cause a hermie

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I think that’s the best plan. The old fashioned way is usually best

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I have had several hemies myself, I ruled out absolutely everything. Including the two tents that I always grew in. Come to find out it just happens with some Phenos. My BlackBerry Kush journal started with two! The bigger of the two hermed! I haven’t tried going regular seeds! But I will definitely be looking into it. Happy growing :+1::sunglasses:


Purple kush and zkittles are known to herm probably nothing you did.


The last few I know it was nothing that I did. Prior to bad genes! Bubba kush,purple haze,
Candyland peyote, and a lemon auto, from seedsman seeds, and now a BlackBerry Kush! ILGM. I’m yearning for one more grow with no Hermes! :sunglasses: it’s been a while for a solid run!

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That was my suspicion. I know Gorilla Glue is prone to it too. Honestly, the Northern Lights was so great and EASY that I’m going to just stick with it. Gorilla Glue just isn’t worth the problems. Zkittlz wasn’t with it either. Super Skunk was really great too though so I might do that again