Purple Kush Harvest day just before Christmas

After 9 weeks of flowering in the south Florida Sunshine my purple kush is finally ready looked at the trichomes they were 80% cloudy can’t

see too much Amber I decided that chopher down today here’s some pics I bent one at a 90 degree angle to produce more coalesce at the bottom here’s the result the last picture it helped

@motay I have a question? Btw ur plant looks awesome. I live in northern florida. How do u cure with it being so humid all the time whether is sun or cloud outside.

I cure mine in airtight storage containers or glass jars I like the airtight better they keep them in my closet is pretty dry in there this time of year plan on freezing them in the summer I heard that really preserves your bud

I do this: you need to use a non-frost-free freezer as the frost-free cycle prematurely ages THC into CBN. If you freeze your flower after doing a proper flush and bud wash you can enjoy it for years. I’m smoking some Purple Haze I put down 2 1/2 years ago and it’s as green and fresh as the day it went in jars.


do you freeze them still green? after the wash or are they dry

Cut down plant, bud wash in peroxide, hang dry, dry as normal and put in jars for cure. Once cured (1 to 4 weeks) can go into freezer. I take out a jar from the freezer, transfer a month’s worth into another container and it goes in the refrigerator to be used.


Right route to dry after wash