Purple kush first time yellowing leaves

Hello, first time growing purple kush NON auto. Plants are about 3 weeks old, all was going well . Now some leaves are turning yellow, thought it was a nitrogen deficiency so I fed them some fox farm grow big and fox farm big bloom. Here are a few pics. I dont think overwatering because they’re in fabric pots. Please help!!!.Uploading: 20191114_083335.jpg…

What’s your ph and tds numbers from nutrient water going in and what are your runoff numbers? Light size and brand. soil type ie foxfarms, coco, miracle grow? Pot size?

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Yes, above info would help please. Cloth pots can still be overwatered, just not as easily. I’m not saying that’s your problem or not. I just didn’t want you to have a false security on that :+1:
Looks like possibly K deficiency or lock out.


Hi, I’m sorry I’ve been away, ph is 6.5, growing in foxfarm happy frog. Not sure of the ph runoff. Pot size is 3 gallon.