Purple Kush auto seedlings dying in hydro setup

Put up some more pics, how long now in flower. Those trichome pics are mostly sugar leaves and will turn a lot sooner than the ones on the buds. Do you have a mag glass, jewelers loop to check these with :love_you_gesture:

The trichome pictures are the 1st ones using a 100x portable scope not the sugar leaves. The last 2 pictures are of the bud i was using them on. I will take more pics.

Here are some more pictures of the bud in question. Its in week 10 & they are Purple Kush auto flowers. In the 1st picture in this series you can barely see them in the front of the giant feminized OG Kush. Ive never dealt with auto flower so I’m guessing they get cut down Tuesday or Wednesday next week?

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What lighting are you using and height above the plants? Is that 10 weeks in flower? I do some some fox tailing….not a terrible thing, happens when the light is too close and intensity

I use a 600W HPS that’s kept 12"-14" above canopy with a intake/exhaust system. Sometimes use CO2 bags. 5 gallon DWC system. Cleaned weekly & maintained with General Hydroponics nutrients of Micro-Grow-Bloom & bud candy & CalMag & black molasses.
I pH @ 5.5 using old style pool kit(cheesy I know but im poor). No humidity meter.

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You think it would qualify for “Bud of the month”?

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Never mind my questions there stupid I apologize for wasting everyone’s time. Wont do it again.

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@Shlepp my friend, the only STUPID QUESTION, is the one not asked. We’ve all been through it, me especially and now that I have a newvrdwc i have whole slew of new questions. But the people here are like family ; each will answer to the best their abilities according to their experiences. Ive never had a wrong answer feom anyone here. So please feel free to ask away. And happy growing. Never give up and never surrender until thenlast leaf has fallen :wink::wink:

In this month’s issue of NW Leaf(centerfold). What a pretty girl its “Purple Ripple”. Wonder how they do it? I’ve tried 3 crops of 3 plants each now some of hybrid and Indica. Not 2 impressed as you can see my lame ass plants in the photos. Switching back 2 what I know. Dirt!!! DWC & hydro period is a pain compared to soil. Hands down. In outer space ya but not on earth in o’l gravity. You’ll C when I post new pics in aboooot 2-monthish or soil(ha ha).

Nope. pH at the very end. After all nutes.

Fascinating. I think it’s the opposite, I don’t want to do soil. RDWC is easy.

I say that because I DIDN’T DO MY HOMEWORK on a proper DWC system. Mine is the basic basic type. I have to lift the lid with the plants in it up over the edge of the 5 gallon bucket. Which is a pain! I bet you have a resivor with recirc pumps so that way is MUCH easier because you dont have to move the plants :wink:. I can tell from the photo. I could be wrong though.

Yea. Something like that.