Purple Kush auto, i think it is ready

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Get ready for a lot of ‘you need a jewlers loop or magnifying glass to really be able to tell’

However, the trichomes look milky and the pistils appear to be all amber. Looks good to me :slight_smile:

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Not so fast grasshopper… You need a jewlers loupe to see the trichoms properly :yum:
Want more couch lock let them turn more amber, want it more cerebral, take when most are milky…


The autos I have grown always look spent and wasted when it is time to harvest. This a jack herer auto

Wow, those look great, my first time so I have read about couch-lock-is that what you are going for, or do you pull before that? And i know they get bigger the more you wait, but i am not looking for couch-lock.

looks amazing, good job!