Purple Kush 1month 2weeks is

400 watts light 18 on 6 off ph soul and water 6.5 temp 85 hum 45. Is it a Magnesium problem?

http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/marijuana-nutrient-deficiency-phosphorus/ would be my guess my purple kush don’t get purple stems in veg

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You don’t think it is a magnesium problem?

How can I fix it?

answer is included on the link but most common is to flush your soil with correctly ph’d water 3-4 times the volume of your pot rinse your soil slowly usually this reduces the salt build ups in your medium and lets you correct ph and stop lock out. Since I have 2 suspects for your issue both would be rectified with a simple flush. check your run off as you flush for both ph and ppm/tds you want to get back into target range ph 6.3-6.8 and tdds around or very close to clean ph’d water you are flushing with after last flush feed plant add a bit of cal-mag or epsom salt to hit 3 possible issues at once :wink:

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Mag usually shows signs between veins on leaves paling leaves not spotty discolouration darkening

that’s mag here’s my other suspect

take your pick they have similar fixes but a flush medium and fresh balanced feed covers all bases