Purple haze recovery after being dug up by an animal

hello everyone, I planted two photo purple haze plants outside in two different areas. One area it is starting to flower and the other one isnt. The one that isnt had gotten knocked over and partially dug up. I managed to support it back up and it is growing, but no sign of flowering yet. I sprouted the seeds june 1st and like I said the one that didnt get damaged is coming along great while this stressed one is only growing tall. I forgot how to insert the picture so I cant include it at this time. With the way the plant was stressed and it has continued to grow, will it eventually flower?

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Hey there, i cant answer ur main question but i can help with the uploading pics.

When u hit reply click on the button under the line and pick the photo you would like to upload. Make sure it loads 100% b4 submitting ur reply :call_me_hand:

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Thank you Highgrow for the assistance. these are the pics of the purple haze at 3 months. Im sure they have been shocked from being knocked over and dug up but they are far behind my other plant the same age.


Anytime. Im no pro but she looks good, probably just hungry.


still no signs of flowering! grow guides for this strain states less nutes is better for this strain, but Im beginning to wonder. The seed growing elsewhere ( on its own, basically growing wild has already flowered weeks ago) is out of the same packet received which leaves me bewildered. This seed was sprouted on may 2nd, the other a week earlier and was awesome last week when I checked it. This may not beat the frost around here.

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That last plant has been grown in a tent and brought outside on good days. I seem to have powder mildew on it which I have treated with 3 parts h2o and 1 part h2o2 w hitch hasn’t seemed to work, any thoughts?