Purple Haze Photo crashed overnight

I have 2 purple haze growing outdoor right next to each other, same soil mixture, same water and nutrients schedule, etc. They both were thriving then this morning I go to check on them and one has totally crashed while the other is still perfectly happy!?! I checked on them the evening before and both looked good. Does anyone have any idea what could have caused this? Here are some pics of one healthy right next to sickly plant.

Here is a closer pic of sick baby:

I also have a sour diesel and a banana kush growing right by them and both are completely healthy also!

Was it like this before or after you watered ?

Got gophers? Did you look plant over for pests?

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I didn’t water or fertilize either of them the day before, both looked great. The pic shows how I found it the next morning. I watered immediately, mainly in a panic, without thinking or researching (which I should have waited to ask the experts here on the forum first).

I haven’t seen any pests, and I check on them every morning and evening. I’ve never seen a gopher here before (SC)

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Maybe she was asking for water? Might have to water more often

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I think she’s thirsty!

It sure looks like something going on in the root zone for sure.

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Yes, that was my immediate first thought, and I watered it, hoping to see improvement. What is strange is all the others get exactly the same amount of water and all look great. Also, would just being thirsty make it collapse so quickly? It was less than 12 hours that it went from thriving to what you see in the pic

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Well I have 3 plants that are all the same strain, the same age and same soil. Out of the 3, 1 of them has just started to need water more often than the other 2. As far as it only being 12 hours also is fine. I actually have a picture of a very thirsty plant. I’ve woke up twice now to her being like this and I water her and then 30 minutes later she is fine.

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I will definitely try more water…I sure hope that’s all it is! Thanks for helping out!

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Keep us posted on how she is doing soon! Good luck :crossed_fingers:


No go on the watering, it has gotten worse and pretty sure it’s done for. The biggest frustration is not knowing what could have caused this so I can prevent it from happening to remaining plants and future grows.

So I figured out the problem…termites! Never would have guessed! I pulled it out because it was definitely dead, and this is what I found: