Purple Haze newbie grower

I’m a newbie. I tried my hand at about 4 seeds last year and FAILED miserably and gave up for a bit. I had issues with over waterING, under watering, the white devil mildew all that good stuff.
Well now I stumbled on my saved seeds I have been keeping in rice in the back of the refrigerator and decided it was time to try again.

My current seedling was planted July 7th 2021 with a strong tape root it sprouted right up! :grin: please give any advise possible so I don’t kill this one too.

I think I have all the tool possibly needed and then some.

I live in Ohio so it’s pretty humid here so I grow indoors In a grow tent. Here is what I am using for reference.
*Dehumidifier in the room the grow tent is in
*ILG nutrients mixed in water spraying once daily when soil is dry (currently using seedling fertilizer) side not I hope this is how you are supposed to use the fertilizer if not please let me know

  • 48x24x60 cool grows grow tent
  • Vivosun air filtration kit 4in 203 CFM inline fan with speed controlling carbon filter and 8in ducting combo
    *2 small fans one is above plant one is below plant facing opposite directions for circulation

I am currently reading the Grow Bible but please shoot me any advice you have. Here are currently photos of my little one.

Processing: 20210717_210955.jpg…

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Looking good so far


I domt foilage spray any of our plants. I just find they dont really need it. With your plant being in the seedling stage I wouldn’t think it would need anything extra as of now. Just skme fresh water with a PH of about 6.5.
When the time comes maybe get an empty gallon jug. Fill it up with fresh water and add your nutrients. Acording the the label.
I find that it takes seedlings about 3-4 weeks to realy get into veg mode. Some an extra week or two.
Happy growing…


Oh it has grown do much I’m praying I’m doing this right the furthest I have gotten one so far :laughing:


So far so good! Looks like it might be time to transplant to a bigger pot

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Its already in a 5 gallon fabric pot. What size should it be in?

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Oh wow, no that’s fine! The photo was deceiving LOL. Those are HUGE leaves!


You’ll be good in 5 gal. I think the perspective in the pic just looked deceiving. You “may” want to try raising the light height a little or lowering the intensity a bit to encourage some stretch, but she’s looking GREAT!


Perfect thank you I will move the light up a bit it’s definitely pretty full looking stretch would be good.


Hey quick question what could be making my plant look a bit well sad/soft on top. Some tips are slightly yellow. I cut the more yellow ones off on the bottom but just curious if there is anything I need to do more. I have not been giving calcium or spraying the leaves at all just spraying soil daily to keep moist when it is dry and using nutrients.

What kind of soil are you in?

Looks like a bit of nutrient burn, but at their size I’m also afraid you’re not watering them enough. You say you’re spraying the soil? At this point you want to be giving really good waterings with dry periods in between. I’m guessing if you lift that bag its probably pretty light? Water until some starts to come out the bottom. You’ll be amazed how much she takes. Feel the bag again. Then don’t water until it feels light again.

Sounds challenging, trust me, its not. You’ll get a feel for it pretty quickly. You’ll be able to get 1/2-1 gallon of water in there…

What soil your using would determine what if any nutes you should be using at this point.

Do you have decent PH and PPM meters? Some readings would be very helpful.