Purple Haze needs anther week?

Check trichomes Summer clear summer cloudy I don’t see any amber going to wait another week![20201207_161252|281x500] any input appreciated(upload://eUN7iZLaRkxdvT1dGUSR4q1swrv.jpeg)



Looks pretty done to me.


Me too!


Let’s see a full pic of this gal. :grin:

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Ill try to post some close up of the trikes. Phone and mini microscope I never used it.


I agree with all the above looks ready @motay nice work!

Harrison photos I couldn’t find but free Amber trikes on the whole plan about 70% cloudy 30% clear I’m going to give it another week it’s cold now in South Florida so it should trike up

pretty good I failed attempt at using my microscope with my camera oh well

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i got another one I bent at a 90 degree angle before flowering stage it has a bunch of extra cola the got good sunshine that would have been smaller if not exposed to sunshine.Ill post those later peps

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On some sativa trichromes dont turn amber if that helps

I think its purple kush

Glad I waited an extra week or so 9 weeks flowering trikes are about 90% cloudy it’s a good enough for me I had a concern of getting too ripe don’t over ripen.

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