Purple Haze, Maui Wowie, Banana Kush


Looking for experiences growing these strains, I have the beans (2 out of 3) from ilgm. Difficulty, problems, and general info. Also, how was the finished product? I took my Blue Dream girls down yesterday, so i have a vacancy lol. @Carpy @MAXHeadRoom @Gonnatry2 and anyone else. Thanks in advance


I am close to harvest with my Purple Haze and honestly it was one of the strongest and bushy…will upload picture of a bud that is in about 58 days of flower

Ask away bud but I pretty much treat my girls like just a weed…and they seem to respond


That looks awesome man!


@MickyS Hi Micky, my Purple Haze grew very well despite my efforts to screw it up. Great genetics helps alot! She seems to need more nutrients towards the end, but that’s my experience.Very short and stocky,almost no need to scrog or LST, but it would help get a bigger yield.Not difficult to grow at all, very little issues.Great Sativa and Jimi approved!


Also, it smokes like a Sativa; very Heady high, no couch-lock unless you over do it. Great for daytime use and to get you moving.


Awesome I think my next grow will include this and Maui Wowie, got the ilgm beans so we shall see!


From my experience anything kush=good bud I’ve never done banana kush but I imagine it to be similar :v:


I’m growing purple haze now. 13 days old today. I’m waiting on my grow tent & light. Do you think the Mars 300watt will work? When did you start nutrients? Can you tell me what nutes you used. I’m new to this, so sorry for tons of questions.


My first seedling isnt making it. I just germinated another so we shall see. I used a 400w sun systems light for my blue dream (for veg) and they did great, so 300w may be fine, but i would get a blessing from one of the experts here.


Hi @Vermont,sorry for the delay,on your questions…I use a 400watt high pressure sodium setup, but not at the seedling stage.I use 2 low wattAge bulbs when they are young.Soil or Hydro?I’m a hydro guy,so very little nutrients in the beginning.Whatever recipe you read off a label, 1/3 of that is a good start.I use General Hydroponics , mostly.This forum has a ton of information…it’s improved my garden habits,which greatly improved my yield/taste/,aroma.