Purple haze; have you

Looking for advice or comments from those that have grown this strain. Thinking about trying this one. What ya think?

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One of my favorites. I did an ILGM one last winter in RDWC and pulled 14 oz off the plant. Here’s a picture:

The one on the left: Purple Haze, Crystal and Black D.O.G.G. 15 grams shy of 2 pounds for the 3.

One Cola

I am down to one jar of it and it’s reserved for ME! It’s a pain to grind because of the massive load of trichomes that fall off. VERY sativa high and bright and alert. Extremely potent.


What size tent did you use? Looks great

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That’s a 4 X 6 space. D.I.Y. lights. Here’s my thread:


Wonderful, that is why I come here is to learn from the masters… this hit I is for you

@thecount13 I run dwc hydroponics, my largest harvest 15oz dried and cured. That was 19 weeks from seed, around 13 weeks in flower under a mars hydro tsl-2000 shared with a super lemon haze.

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Here a few pictures of my current ILGM Purple Haze just over 8 weeks old. I ordered the seed for this plant in 2016. I’ve only recently had one not germinate.