Purple haze grow

I started 3 Purple hase I have a 5 ‘by7’ srocg set up with a 1200w viperspectra and a 600w one both on light rails i use half frog and half coco and humboldt nuts. What i wondering if anyone has srocg these and how it worked


If no one answers you specifically, try this link


I would think they would SCROG without issues though @james9668

Thanks i tried a pineapple with a nylon net it just push it up didn’t work but this time I’m using fencing it will move up a little i just hope i can keep it tie down i will send in some picture i want to fill the whole thing in like the pictures i have seen so we well see thanks again bob 31

If you put the SCROG too close to the top of the pot then it will push it up. You want the scrog to be about 24 inches above the soil. I use furring strips and old plastic coated welded fencing for mine.

24" i’ll do that and i thought maybe veg for 2 or 3 weeks before bloom or should i go for longer i have. 2 strawberry kush as you can see they did not get to big i was able to just use the one light

a ftp mj

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@james9668 I vegged mine until the screen was filled up about 75% and then flipped. Mine vegged for about 60 days from sprout.

One pound wet harvest on that one! Good times!

Cool but i thought they stretch 100% if i do that. Would run out of room

Thanks now i got it haha love or

They will stretch some but if you take them from your current light setup to 12/12 slowly you can all but eliminate stretch @Myfriendis410


Some of the growth will fill in that last 25% and then the rest you just let it go above the screen.


Yeah, I’ve been following @Donaldj advice on the flip and it works.