Purple Haze Grow Journal


Yup. Gradually work to it.


Well I went for 18" above and about half power. :eyes: at it closely! :sunglasses:


I usually have my light around 30” during seedling stage :v:


I think i startd around 24 n turned all the way down :man_shrugging:t5: Didnt stay there very long tho :wink:


@dbrn32 @raustin @MattyBear @Myfriendis410
@GreenThunder @Budbrother @PurpNGold74 @Redeyedranger Ok so I haven’t gotten around to starting a new journal yet but hopefully I’ll get to it this weekend. I have my lights at about 17.5” and at about half power which they seem to be doing fine. They have been under 24hr lights since they broke ground.
Do you think I should move lights up or down and power rating??
When do I need to change to 18/6?
Also, do I need to keep the dome on? I have a seven inch dome over them.


You’ll have to read the plants to determine the perfect height above them, but 20" is a good place to start, and 50% is good for now. Leave them under 24 hour lighting for the first week, then go to 18/6. I would leave the dome on a few more days.


Good info right there ^. Based on how they look I’d say you’re doing it right.


Can we have 2 plants in one 5 gal pot?


Not a good idea. One plant will choke off the other one, inevitably.


I think it works. They may not grow huge (due to root restraints) but someone dropped some literature about the plants ‘talking to each other’. @Niala or @Countryboyjvd1971 i believe

I have like 10 in a 5 gall pot. They are around 5 nodes and will be transplanted to a bigger 5 gall bucket in a bit. No idea if they’ll live. But ran outta pots and its my bootleg breeding bucket. :joy::joy:


Reason we were asking is, we have 2 SD and 1 PK but only enough room for two 5 gal pots. We were planning a shorter veg and was hoping to be able to grow all three of them.


Shorter veg n i think ull be fine. The seeds i mentiond have been on 12/12 from seed.


We had a member deal with a doubled up pot and he had all kinds of trouble and ended up separating them anyway. All kinds of bad things can happen.


MyFriend is alot more experienced then I. Id heed the advise. The seeds im playing with are free. Dont risk good genes


Thanks @Myfriendis410 and @PurpNGold74 I really appreciate y’alls input. Probably will only do two plants. One in each pot. Thanks again!


How are things going spyonyou?
I really liked your setup well done my friend.
Ps. What is with the turkey pans under the dome? Keeping your humidity up? Why if your plants are in the dome.
You must be from somewhere really dry


He has another journal over :point_left:t5::point_left:t5: U want a tag?


I do tag me