Purple Haze Grow Journal


Hey @zparkie2, didn’t mean to ignor you, somehow I just overlooked your post. I appreciate your input. We started our flush last night. Hoping we have less than two weeks till chop. We’ll see! Thanks! :sunglasses:


Thx , hope it all finishes for you smoothly!


Yup its all downhill broham! In the final stretch. Now keep being patient dangit. Lol


Dag nabit @PurpNGold74, quit cussin’ me with that P word. You know I don’t like that word!! :joy::joy:


Hahaha. I can dig it. But you can dooooitttttt @Budbrother meme da man


Hahaha. Dude will forever be ‘Jack’ in my eyes. But yea. I hit em with the ‘you can dooooitttttt’



Haha thanks. Stolen for future refs


That is good!:joy: :sunglasses:


I can only veg for 21-30 days because of time constraint…have to visit my lady back in Michigan on grad school breaks. My first and current co2 run will hopefully prove the plants grow faster.


Hey @DET-PDX, welcome to the forum. You will find some very smart people here to help should you need some. Are you doing a journal? If so, tag me in your grow if you will please. I’m always up to learning new things. Wishing you all the best success in your grow. :sunglasses:


Ditto. Drop tag bombs whenever u kick off


Yeah I’ll tag you in it real quick, I’m growing Oregon and Cali Humboldt diesels.


@raustin @MattyBear @Myfriendis410 @GreenThunder @Covertgrower @SilentHippie @PurpNGold74 @dbrn32 @Redeyedranger @GreenThunder. I think I have bud rot.

Night time temps: 65 - 70F / RH 45 - 50%
Day time temps: 77 - 81
F / RH 37 - 42%

yes / no??


Do you mean that black stuff on the leaves? I’m not sure what that is. Are those leaves crunchy or mushy?


Give that leaf in question a tug and if it comes out easily then investigate further. It just looks like leaf discoloring this late in flower to my eyes though :wink:


raustin, I think if anything, maybe brittle. You can almost start to see it on a lot of leaves.


Hey Matt, I pulled on it and the leaf just broke in half where the color is.


Then it isn’t bud rot. It would have pulled out from the bud, stem and all. This late in flower you should expect some colors happening on your leaves :v:


She’s probably putting on her fall colors. Bend that bud where you broke that leaf so you can see down to the stem and see what’s up but it looks fine to me