Purple Haze Grow Journal


The only problem with that is the “operative word” (few!)… lol… Ooops! Living and learning! :sunglasses: Thanks man!


Hummm, seeing how I’ve got time and wife is management… haha! Yeah she tries to manage the time I spend on trimming… it didn’t work, now if I could only find the scissors… :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:!
Thanks for your input!


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@raustin @MattyBear @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 Just wondering if it would hurt to put a little extra bloom in my feed?


I would say just to run at manufacturer suggested dose and ppm unless you see a deficiency. If you’re going to add extra nutes, target phosphorus and potassium when the plant needs them most. Adding more bloom is going to hold your ratio but raise ppm.


You can run into issues. Most schedules are pretty generous now.


I agree, that’s a great way to get lockout by having too much of one thing.


Ok so I’m down to the final week according the GH schedule. Starting next weekend it is calling for a flush, I didn’t know if it would hurt with just about another week of feeding to add an tad extra. I won’t add any extra.


154 day from seed, 50 days in flower.


Hahaha. Dude do you remember waaaaay back when we played the count the nugget game? We said maybe a gram or two per nugget… boy were we wrong…

The absolutely insane part is… you still have 80% + white pistils… theres another push no?


Great example of what a ScroG should look like!


I don’t believe I or the others interpreted what you were asking correctly. I thought you were talking about raising your does, not continuing to feed. Sorry!

If it were me, I wouldn’t quit feeding those yet. Not even very close to that from what I can see.


Hey @dbrn32 @raustin @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear
I’m really feeling like an idiot right now. Some how I have miss read the calendar and yeah like you said db I still have at least two more weeks of feeing.
I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Mona. I actually cut the grow off a week early thinking I was farther along than I actually was.
Any suggestions?


Don’t feel like an idiot, it sounds like there was a misunderstanding. What’s the problem exactly. Feeding?


Raustin, there really doesn’t seem to be a problem, more so a potential problem. I’m a week ahead on my feeding schedule. I drop the flora grow a week early and so I’m off on my feeding schedule.
I’m assuming I continue with what I’m doing till the 8th week (two more weeks)?
Will dropping the grow a week early cause me grief?


In order to get the most out of your plants you kinda have to gauge your flowering time vs the schedule. Most of the schedules are projected on 8 weeks flowering, and a lot of strains will go longer than that.

If it were me, I’d probably give a feeding at whatever schedule recommends for week 7 of flowering.


Would it hurt to run about 5 gal. thru her and then on the last gal adjust nutes to where they should be going in?
Or is it even necessary?


Don’t worry about it, I don’t go exactly by those schedules. It’s ok to deviate from them depending on how long your grow will be. I don’t think dropping the grow nute will make much difference at this point. Keep an eye on her, if you see a deficiency you can fix it.


You can do that, if it will ease you’r mind about it, sure. Do a flush and give her the nutes she was supposed to get in the first place.


Thanks raustin. I really appreciate your input, along with everybody else. I’m really hoping my next grow will go a little more relaxing.
I read your post the other day about how you like to sneak up on her and catch her by surprise…:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:
I’m like crap, I seem to be walking on egg shells around her thinking… we’ll im not gona have to sneak up on her, im just going to take her out just trying to get her to grow… lol!