Purple Haze Grow Journal


Naw…you care more about your baby than peeps on the street…huh


Never in a million years did I think I would spend so much time trimming, training, looking, and even talking to a plant in all my life.
My wife says I take better care, and talk to the plant more than I do her… “here’s your sign!” :joy:
I like it cause the plant doesn’t talk back… bahahaha!!:joy: :joy:
Been nice talking to y’all cause I’m probably history after this post… haha! :grin:


Lol! :rofl:


Yep! He’s dead… (Mrs. Spy)


Hahahahahaha! I missd the counting contest but this is priceless :joy::rofl::skull::rofl::joy:


I survive… YES!!..lol :joy: :joy:


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Can you see the color in the leaves in the middle? Is this anything to be concerned about there are a couple of leave the that general vicinity that are turning colors.


I’m no help here. I would just b guessing


I don’t see anything unusual going on, but if it’s been cool lately, the leaves will get fall colors like red and purple.


I agree with @raustin… sometimes I remove those turning color. I feel like the plant has used almost all it can from them.


Looks like new growth that hasn’t darkened to a different shade of green like the others yet. @spyonyou


Thanks Red. @raustin and @GreenThunder. I just noticed these last night. Most all of the leaves are either light green or dark green but the leaves in question has light and dark on them. As far as the temp at night, because of the dehumidifier in the room, the temp doesn’t drop below 77*F. Just trying to stay on top of things. Thanks a million!


That’s the first I’ve seen any do that, but then again, I’ve never grown any so all of this is a first… lol Thanks @Covertgrower


Yup she probably just about done usong those leaves. :man_shrugging:t5: Long as it dont spread no worries


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Tuesday September 18 day 130 from sprout day 24 after flip.

Mon. Sep. 10th. WATER: (Out of the faucet)
PPM In: 73
PPM Out: 530
PH In: 5.9
PH Out: 5.7

Wed. Sep. 12th. FEED:
PPM In: 917
PPM Out: 935
PH In: 6.0
PH Out: 5.6

Fri. Sep. 14th. FEED:
PPM In: 995
PPM Out: 1146
PH In: 6.1
PH Out: 5.6

Sun. Sep. 16th. WATER:
PPM In: 74
PPM Out: 675
PH In: 6.0
PH Out: 5.7

Tues. Sep. 18th. FEED
PPM In: 852
PPM Out: 999
PH In: 6.0
PH Out: 5.9

Would it be safe to say I raised the nutes a little to high? So I’m thinking I need to go down on the nutes next time I feed to about 800?? Maybe even 750 to give her a chance to use up some nutes so the nutes aren’t so high coming out? Is that how that works? PH also went up. Whats up with that?
Only difference was, my wife did the feeding and testing of the water… Who’s brave enough to say it was her fault… I know I’m not…LOL :joy: :joy:

Here are a few pictures.


Sure is pretty :heart_eyes: yall are doin great


Oh, by the way, anybody up for a game???
Bahahaha!! :joy::rofl::joy::joy:


Thanks Red! This seems like this has been going on forever. lol


Your PPM should be lower coming out than going in, but yours are higher. This usually means a ph problem and the plant can’t eat because of lockout. Are you in soil or coco? If coco, try 5.9 ph, if soil you need to go to 6.3 minimum.


Thanks @raustin! I wondered if I had been ph’ing to high even though it’s coming out where it needs to be.
Yesterday’s numbers made me think I needed to lower PH and maybe nutes till she gets back within range. Seems like the PH jumped a lot higher than it should have.
I had been going in higher than what I should be but only to get it coming out at around 5.6ish.

Got to re-reading some earlier post where someone said that PH tends to drop as the pot gets root bound. So I’m going back to PH’ing in around 5.7 instead of 6.1ish
Will the lockout correct itself by bring the numbers down? Thanks again and sorry this is so long. :sunglasses: