Purple Haze Grow Journal


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Ok, last run-off I’m noticing a pattern. PH going in has been around 5.5 to 5.9 every time. (I calibrate meter every time I use it.) My PH coming out is steadily going down. Run-off this time was down to PH 5.1 coming out. I ran another half gal through it with PH around 6.7.

Will this hurt it?
Why is pH coming down? PPM was up to 997. Think I just need to let it dry out a little more?


Happy anniversary, baby!!! :tada::tada:


If you are root bound it will drop the PH…


Ok, so how would you handle the drop in the PH? Or do I need to be concerned with it? What about the ppm coming out running a little high? Any thoughts on that? Thanks man.

Also, when do you use the sledgehammer?
And when do you use the flora kleen? I finally got both in this week. Again, thanks for any help!
P.S. lovin your journal! :sunglasses:



So Sledgehammer and FloraKleen are basically the same thing. I’d pick one and stay with it. If you haven’t tried it, follow the instructions and do a run with it. Next time you do a flush to runoff check your numbers again.

Low PH due to being root bound: first thing is to pot up if your plant is not too far along. Dolomite lime as a top dressing I understand will buffer the PH too. Acidic soil/plants will be stressed and subject to all kinds of problems from deficiencies due to lockout and disease like bud rot because mold LOVES acidic conditions. That’s why baking soda is used to combat mildew.


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Ok after further review of my grow space, my plant is right at 11” y’all from the coco. I literally have about 11” to go with my lights. So, tomorrow after water we get to set up a scrog net. Who who! Getting closer. Then it’s just a matter of filling in the gaps. Still think I’m a couple of weeks till flipping lights??
She’s so b-e-a-u-ti-ful! Just hope we can keep it going.

Please share your thoughts. Thanks.


You have plenty of bud sites there. Are you planning on using the screen to fill the whole space?


Yes if a screen of green is the same thing as scrogging then yes. I hope to fill it up. :sunglasses:


She lookin a lot better! Your thumbs turning green :+1:


Looks good, after installing the screen, be sure to tuck! A LOT.
Next time try to install the screen a little sooner so you can be sure the screen gets properly filled. Plant training begins early!


Thanks covert. Thanks @Redeyedranger Good thing I’m in no hurry. That’s my plan is to fill the screen no matter how long it takes. There is so much growing from the middle. The two main colas aren’t even as high as the rest of the plant.
If I knew how to clone, and I had a place to do it, I would have plenty to choose from… lol The highest part of the plant is near the middle. :sunglasses:


Looking great. Once you get your scrog going, you’ll be tucking and arranging every day. I think I let mine get about 3/4 full before flipping to allow me to continue tucking through the stretch. A flowering scrog is a thing of beauty! :sunglasses::v:


Hey thanks hippie! I wondered how long I would have to tuck before flipping the lights. I kind of thought about two or three weeks at the rate it’s growing.


Don’t wait too long because it gets impossible to tuck once the plant hardens off. Just FYI.


You’re doing great - have fun with the scrog process! :+1:t3:


Those are stipules and calyx, not pistils.


Just now realized what you were referring to. Had to scroll back up.
Thank you very much @Dumme for clarifying that for me. Plant was about twelve weeks old at the time of the picture.