Purple haze from ILGM harvest

Just Harvested 1 Purple haze from ILGM and cleaned her up. Final weight still to come as waiting for buds to dry however I am happy as of now these buds came out juicy. Flowered for 70 days. 3 gallon soil/bucket with FFOF. Just have her cal mag only through Veg. During flower I began giving flowering nutes 2 weeks into flower using Humboldts secret flower stacker. At week 7 I gave her beastie buds monster bloom. Grow was done under 1000 watt led only pulling 120 watts. Hope this helps anyone growing Purple haze. Oh and I begged for 6 weeks and topped her twice.


Welcome to ILGM forum. Nice buds :+1:

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Welcome ! Nice looking buds.

Very nice indeed. Going to try this strain next grow. this hit for you :bat: :rofl: :yum:

Thank you all for the comments hopefully with my next run they will be even bigger. The purple haze strain is definitely a hit. I just started Bruce Banner by ILGM … I hope to have similar results.

That’s a nice handful of bud! I just ordered some purple haze myself let me know if it’s a good buzz

@ Chasfitter … The Purple Haze has a really good buzz. It last a long time too. I’ve been smoking everyday for the last 21 years and I can say this is a really good strain if you like soaring highs without the couch lock.


Great to hear👍

Can you give me more information on the type of high? I am going to grow ILGM purple haze my next grow and any information about the high will be greatly appreciated. This will be my 2nd grow. The first was Northern Lights and I am very pleased with it. Thanks