Purple Haze Fem


Dropped 5 purple haze seeds April 15th
3 days in water & they all popped.

Transplanted to seed starter. Here what they looked like an April 25th

Lost a seedling :sleepy:, she just shriveled up, so we’re down to four.

Transplanted them into 5 gal fabric pots yesterday (May 13th)

Will veg them in the 3x3 tent for a couple weeks, while I wait for my Jack Herer grow to finish.


Nicely done! When is the Jack Herer going to be finished got to be close?


i’m tagging along @North_East_Newbie
i like those square seedling pots,they are great!!


I guesstimate Jack Herer is 2 weeks out to finish, hairs are turning orange.
The buds are dense & smell piney.
Can’t wait to test that strain out!


That is awesome. It will be here before you know it.


Glad you’ll be following along!
those little square seedling pots are great.
I can fit 8 in the dome I have.
I just started 3 white widow, 3 AK-47, super silver haze & bubblegum in the dome last week!
Gonna be a busy summer!!!


yea,exactly @North_East_Newbie …they fit perfect!


Going to be watching if you don’t mind. I have Super Silver Haze and Purple Haze and Blue Haze growing now and are at T minus 4 days till light change.
I have pictures on my grow journal @old man…newbie grower if you want to follow along.:wink:


I’m in @skyroo1029!
Looking for your grow now


Looking good @North_East_Newbie I have one PH in late veg now and two PH clones going also thanks to a broken branch :joy::joy::joy:


Very nice. I’m set to watching. :v:


They are loving their new home. Growing like weeds


@North_East_Newbie yes they are,and they’re looking phenomenal…


Well, thank you, my friend!
Feeling like a new parent, caring for my youngsters


Moved these four into the bigger tent yesterday, as my last grow just finished.

No nutes yet.

Jack Herer Fem - soil

All caught up and watching :v:


Me too - best of luck though you don’t seem to need luck :blush:


Two of the lights in my tent fell today.
Lost 2 plants… :rage::sob:
After much foul language and smoking a cigarette (I quit 7 months ago), I decided to drop 5 more purple haze seeds.
Let’s hope my success is better this next time around. Oh, and time to buy some heave duty carribeaners to hold my light up.


Sorry to hear that man :pensive:


Thanks Matty.