Purple Haze and Tall plants

First time grower. Have read and watch a lot of vids and articles. Almost confused about everything…lol
OK, I have:
32" x 32" x 63’ tent,
300 watt LED,
Exhaust fan and filter,
Two clip-on fans for cooling,
5 gal. soft pot,
ph kit,
Coco & Perlite,
and plan on doing LST and a ScOG,
and (patiently…NOT!!) waiting on purple haze seeds to arrive… lol.
My question is two part.
First, is it up to me to put these into flowering stage at any time or is there a sign of the veg stage that I should look for?
Second, with the size tent and equipment that I have, if I decide when to flower, can I grow plants that are labeled as “Tall” plants, and just keep them small?? Thanks.

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Yes, it is up to you to determine when to flower. Keep in mind they will stretch in flower and get taller. You can top/fim your plants, and also some lst, along with your scrog, will keep them at a respectable height.

Part that worries me is the light, I do not believe it will be enough to bring out the full potential of your Purple Haze. I run 2 450w leds in a 36x36 tent…


Thank you so much for the reply. My wife and I have talked about getting another 300 watt making that two 300 watts. You think that might help?? I think I have read for the size tent I have, anything higher might be too much?? We bought the tent, light, filter and exhaust as a package so really didn’t want to go out and spend much more to “get my feet wet”, so to speak, at least till I get the bugs ironed out and learn what I’m doing.

I have the same size tent. I made the mistake of ordering another 300w light. Those Chinese lights only draw about 120-130 watts from the wall which will put you in the low end of coverage. You want about 50 watts per square ft. I ended up buying 2 600w MarsHydros that did outstanding for the tent size. I could have saved 65 bucks by not buying another 300 but you live and learn. I use the 300s to veg and then switch to the 600s for flower. I got rock hard buds last grow. Nothing huge, but for my first time, very respectable. I think I paid less than 300 dollars for the pair of Mars 600s.

You need to see what the actual draw of the lights are. The 300 watt determination is deceiving.

@Ron330 @SilentHippie thank you both for your input. We will be posting up-dates as we grow. Please stay tuned. Not sure yet what rout we will go. Have to get the seed first. (On there way).


@spyonyou you meet a few ofvthe members who have given good advice
Your plants will streach during the first two weeks of flowering schedule and double in size normally
To prevent having plants that are to tall
You can train them with a few different techniques super cropping , lst training and topping and fimming are all good ones to research
Also i will flower my plants when they reach half of my max hieght
So subtract light distance from top of tent and distance you need between light fixtures
Thats your max plant hieght then you can switch to flower when you reach half of that :wink:

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@Countryboyjvd1971 @SilentHippie @Ron330 @raustin @Zepman55 My grow tent came with a 300 watt LED. We have sense purchased a 600 watt LED to use for our first grow. Has anybody done a study or actually know the difference on one LED light vs two LED lights?

Will two lights in a 32" x 32" x 63" tent make any difference?

I know I have seen people say they have two lights, but is there that much of an effect with two lights on how the plants will grow?

Also, is there any problem with the lights rays overlapping and causing problems in the middle of the plants? Thanks for any help!

Also, could I possibly use that 300 watt on the side of my plants and have the 600 watt on top??

Yes, two lights will definitely make a difference. You probably only need the one 600 in that space, but you can also put the 300 on the side. Lots of people do that. .

@raustin, Thank you so much for the reply. I think I may do that.

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What is the brand of your 600?

You’re looking for around 50 watts per square foot as a baseline. 2 lights will give you more flexibility over 1 and you can run them together.

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Yes, @SilentHippie makes a good point. You should run them together. The actual wattage of that 600 is probably more like 230 watts, so a little extra from the 300, more like 130, will work better.

@SilentHippie I have:

@raustin @SilentHippie, Thanks again for your help.


Yeah, that light is 132 watts, so you should put them together.

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@raustin @SilentHippie @Momtomask, Yeah I am going to run the 600 watt above the plants and and the 300 in the back on the side. @Momtomask, I would love to hear more details how you did your Purple Haze, if you ever have time to share, I would appreciate it so much.


@SilentHippie @raustin @Ron330 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Momtomask @Zepman55 well can you take a guess as to what wife & I did this weekend??
Yup! Set up tent!

Still waiting on seeds! :frowning: !



Oh, it must be nice to do this project with your wife. I wish my husband would be interested. Nice setup!


Ah that new tent smell! :smiley:


@raustin she said that’s why she retired, so she could grow weed… lol