Purple haze and purple kush

first time grower. These two are purple Kush and purple haze. I tried granddaddy purple but I couldn’t get them going out of three seeds that I’ve tried. I have treated all 5 seeds the same
. So I am not sure why the granddaddy purples didn’t turn out like the others. I have in my room temperature is about 73 to 75° I have them on a 12 hour light cycle now. When I first started off I had the wrong soil and I had to replant in the right soil. that is probably why I lost the one granddaddy purple that I had coming up. The other two must’ve been bad seeds or I screwed up somehow with the other two. I am happy with the products I got . I’m just wondering if I need to do anything else with these two that are about nine weeks old. My pH levels at 6.5 to 7. They are feminized seeds. Any help would be great.

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Are you losing them in the seedling stage? Do you have any pics?

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Welcome! I’m in the middle of a purple haze grow too. Post pics of the girls.
Temps are good, what is the RH? I’m 5 weeks into flower, temps at 70-75, Rh is around 50. Soil ph is 6.8 here too.
What are you feeding them?

I don’t know the rh…


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I grew all three in the purple mix pack
Mainlined Purple Kush at 8 weeks

Purple Haze at 8 weeks - manifold

GDP just under 8 weeks - manifold

All strong growers. Especially the haze. One of the GDP was exceptional and took cuttings

Looking good. What are the wires for?

OK I will when I get home.