Purple haze and G13 outdoor grow help

Hello guys on my first grow experience here,the girls been doing well since I moved them outside last week I topped dressed with down to earth products (will show what I used in a picture and o had a cal mag issue and been giving them a foliar spray and add to water when i water them,now a couple days gone by and I noticed more yellowing and spots on a fairly good amount of leaves, can someone give me some advice on this and also use earthworm castings when I top dressed


Yellow spots looks like a pest issue. Neem oil, and captain Jack’s deadbug will help with that.
As for spraying, I would refrain from doing that, as you can damage your leaves that way.
I would add more nitrogen and potassium.
The other issues looks like it may need more potassium. Or K, the last number on the ratio.


Thanks will do and see how it turns out

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wasn’t able to get jacks yesterday so I got the sns 209 for pest and the need oil leaf polish and gave them a feeding of 2-1-4 and i also removed all the bad leaves

And I was thinking of bringing it back indoors to the tent to heal and get the foliar back without more issues from outdoors