Purple edging on cola’s leaves

Can you guys see the purple edging on the small leaves?
Is this normal or some sign of a deficiency? The last couple of waterings have been plain water. Cause I was thinking we were close to harvest…should I leave her alone to finish or do some bloom nutrients?

Another photo:

More info: bubblegum auto
12 weeks in

Can you turn your grow light off and take another picture so we can see the true colors of your plant . It looks like your leaves are curling a little also . What are your temperatures .

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burnt tips. curled leaves…nute burn

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Dont worry all is fine . Its just the plants using up their reserves of nutes. As you said you are just feeding water now, so they are looking for more. There is some evidence of previous nutrient excess so next time around if using the same seeds or clones tone down the ppm a bit and the plants will be much happier. Enjoy your harvest.


Thanks mountainman1. I ended up cutting the few big colas, leaving her alone except for water. The second tier colas look ok, not great, but they will do. None of my 4 other plants are doing this yellowing thing, so obviously I did mistreat her in some way!

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