Purple bud feminised

Hi all, I have purple bud feminised and they’re shoulder high already. Germinated in 24hrs, tap root healthy and planted in compost on the 18th May. How do I tame these monsters before I lose my greenhouse roof. Natural light with no artificial heat and bio novo nutes

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Tie the branches down. Look up the technique: LST (low stress training)


Wasn’t sure if I could do that. These are 5 foot tall. I will look up low stress training. Thank you for your quick response


There’s a good write up here:


On it and thank you. Just like to say the back up we get on this site is amazing from everyone. Thank you all :sunglasses:


I think I’m too late for the LST as these ladies are like trifids. Is it wise to take the top off and use it for a clone and hope the rest bushes out. What about defoliating over the next week or 2 to allow light further down or would that be fatal

Yes you can top it and clone the top. And defoliation is ok as well.

Fantastic and thank you

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I would still try and tie her down as much as possible. She is going to double in size when she stretch’s.

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Really, she’s a monster just now as well. I will take a fair it off the top as a clone and tie her down as well. Do I do the “roll the main stem to weaken it” before i bend it bit

You referring to super cropping? I would type that in the search bar and look at other people doing it. It will help on height and strengthen the branches to help hold up the buds. I don’t know your situation exactly so I don’t wanna steer you wrong but 5 foot already sounds like she may be close to the to of the greenhouse.

Can you post some pictures?

My greenhouse is 12’x10’. Height will be around 10 foot at the peak with the vertical panels around 5 foot. It’s a cracker :heart_eyes:. I will search the forums for super cropping rolling between the fingers thing tomorrow.

I will post pictures in the morning. They will be better in the daylight :sunglasses:

Pictures are not great. I will take better ones tonight with a better background


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