Purple Bruce Banner

One of my 2 BB is turning purple. She looks good but purple. It seems this is not totally unusual? I also had only 2 of 8 BB seeds sprout. One green one purple?


Based on my experience, different pheno types are normal. Here are two Northern Lights side by side from my first grow.

Love your colors!


Have read a lot of issues with BB Autos. I think @JiggaMan1987 had issues germinating. Yours looks great!


Nice coloring and no worries on that! The Bruce Banner beans seemed to be a hard nut to crack over the last several months. I dropped 3 and 1 made it above ground after all sprouted tails. Customer service is great and pretty sure they’re aware of this :love_you_gesture:


Yeah I followed his grow….it was fantastic

I was just getting nervous I guess. Thanks for the feedback. I already talked to ilgm support they want me to try my last 2 BB seeds but I won’t have room until I harvest. ILGM support was very helpful and I believe they will replace seeds.

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Hey had problems with my BB autos aswell. Contacted ILGMA told me the same use the rest I had, still had no luck sent me replacements. So just keep up the good work plants look great and ILGMA will come through for you on replacements

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Only 2 out of 6 sprouted for me back in December, and one of the 2 hermi bad, was nanners every where. Was almost very bad for the other 10plants in my room. .

I am scared to even try the last 4 BB seeds i got :confused:

The 2 that grew look great but they took 5 days to sprout a tail all my other seeds have popped within 24-36hrs

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