Purple Bruce Banner Auto, GSC, Gelato

So this is my 3rd grow and I’ve done pretty well so far, 1st two grows had some hermie issues towards the end but I learned my lesson and fixed the problems​:joy: This 3rd time around I’m growing Bruce Banner Auto, GSC auto, and Gelato auto. The Bruce Banner has exceeded my expectations and turned purple over the last couple weeks!!:star_struck::star_struck: It’s not that cold in my tent, 73 during day, 68 at night, I use CANNA nutrients at an 1/8-1/4 strength and that’s about it. Not quite sure why it turned colors?:thinking: lol I’ve read about cooler temps but didn’t think my temp dropped enough for that.:woman_shrugging:Either way I can’t wait to smoke these!!!:clap::clap::raised_hands::raised_hands::rofl::rofl:

From Seedling:
76 Days Gelato
BB 50 days
GSC 55 Days


I’ve read on here that some seeds have gotten mixed up on BB orders and a new strain that hasn’t been released yet called “purple hulk” or something like that was sent out with Bruce Banner seeds. Like I said don’t quote me on this info as I read it on the forums here somewhere.
Beautiful looking girls btw.


I have grown 2 BB and 1 was huge, the other was small. 2 different smells and colors. The bigger one is almost done and has taken on a purple color. The small one has 2-3 weeks left and is a blueish, purple. Wondering where the flavors will land as well. Both were planted at the same time with the exact same care, watering and nutrient schedule. Definitely something going on with genetics there. I’ll have to post pictures if I can p/u the colors correctly.

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@VAVA That’s really interesting!!! We’ll have to wait and see what the end result is​:laughing: Hoping for something amazing!:star_struck:


I also have 2 BB autos going and 1 is much bigger than the other and both started at same time with same environment. Hoping I get some cool phenos from them.