Purple #1 Follow Along *Update Wkly*

Hey growers thanks for following me along with the new purple batch I have started. I germinated three different strains Purple Kush, Granddaddy Purple and Purple Haze. Each of them popped just fine within 48 hours. I put them in a wet paper towel and placed inside a zip lock bag. I started on 4/21.

Germination: April 21 Day 1

May 4th Day 14

May 6th Day 16

May 15th Day 25

The purple kush is moving a little slower than the GDP and PH although still coming along nicely. This will we an awesome adventure ahead as I have a lot planned for these three strains. I will be planning a perpetual grow for these girls. So a lot of projects to happen during this season from cloning to vegging and flowering. Hope to see you all follow me through this awesome grow.


Awsome set to watching

I’m watching also. I just finished growing a Purple Haze and a couple clones.

A few things I experienced:

Buds medium to small.
Yield was average to low.
Smoke is amazing!
My pheno turned so purple that she looked like chocolate.
They also finished a lot faster than I expected.

Looking forward to comparing your results. Good luck! :v::sunglasses:


I’ve got an update coming later today. Time to start to super crop these girls along with some low stress training. The purple haze and granddaddy purple are really starting to take off now. The Purple Kush is not too far behind, to be honest that’s the strain I am really interested in watching. Granddaddy and Haze are just a plus. Keep an eye out for an update in a bit with photos. See you around growers!

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Alright boys and girls it’s update time!
Today is Day 24 of my Purple #1 Grow. Everything is moving along nicely and the girls are looking gorgeous. Today my goal was to do a bit of super cropping? / training to them to increase some lower growth. I went ahead and topped the Granddaddy Purple and the Purple Haze about four days ago, I did leave the Purple Kush only because it’s growing a little slower and had some mutated growth at start but has bounced back looks great now. I bent each plant over a bit to open it up that’s what you will see in each photo, the girls standing regular and then cropped a bit. Check out a shot of each girl.

Purple Kush Day 24

Granddaddy Purple Day 24

Purple Haze Day 24

Excited to see how each one of these girls will come out. Now it’s time to mix some nutrients for week 4 of this grow. I’m sure you want to know what nutrients I am using. I grabbed The Dirty Dozen from Fox Farm Nutrients for my girls and they are loving it all. I am just finishing out a Jack Herer grow that’s at Day 134 with less than a week left and boy does she look beautiful.
Thanks for checking out this update growers!


Welcome back growers. Today’s update comes with just a few photos of the Purple Kush, GDP and Purple Haze. It is day 65 for these mother plants and a lot has happened since my last update. The PK is growing like a little bush, she is so cute :slight_smile:. The GDP is a nice looking plant at this point along with the PH no issues at all. The PK did not like the amount of nutrients that I had fed her when starting out and she developed nutrient burn. I have adjusted my feed since then and she has solid growth now. About four to five days ago I was able to determine that each of my girls are starting to show their sex. I did purchase fem seeds so I didn’t think I would have males, nice to be certain.

I am going to start my cloning of these girls on July 14th, or maybe earlier by a week. I am waiting for the PK to have some more growth before I take some clones from her. The GDP and PH are ready today to take clones but I would like to wait just so all plans can align correctly.

Below of some photos of the girls

Purple Kush Day 65

Granddaddy Purple Day 65

Purple Haze Day 65

Purple Pack

I will be back with an update as soon as I develop some more progress, I have been side tracked with my job so I have not been able to make the regular weekly post that I was planing on doing. No worries though, stayed tuned in because there will be more updates to come to show how this grow turns out.
Watching a plant flower is my favorite part of the grow so there will be a lot of photos of these girls once I take clones and then flower them. I expect to start flowering my clones by August 25th and have them done by roughly December 1st

Thanks for checking out this update and the Purple #1 grow with iGrowBud! See you growers on the next update.

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