Pure Power Plant First Grow

Greetings to all and thank you for the wonderful forum full of great knowledge!

So on the 9th of this month I started the journey! One seed in water, shell cracked, then placed between paper towels and shortly after it sprouted I stuck the little PPP into her final growing medium. No fus so far.

She is a week old today, 2.5 inch tall and under four 23W CFLs with a little clip on fan blowing.

I am reading and reading and I came to a conclusion that all is good so far, however, I need a better setting before this gets out of control;) especially the smell…if I am lucky enough to not kill her before she has a chance to stink up the room😁

Thinking of growing just one lady at a time, for very personal use so I don’t need much space. For now she’s in the spare shower in my en suite but I also have a spare room that is used for storage and laundry etc. I am thinking of setting up a tent in there a 60/60 base and 120cm? high at a min?

Now I need to figure out if the height would be enough, what light and fans and filter sizes. Sooo much fun. I definetly know that I want a LED light that doesn’t require much fus, balasts or cooling. Maybe this?

I wonder if 300 watt would be enough for the full growth of one plant.

As for a fan and filter I am confused a bit at the moment. I know I have some more time to figure it out before she definetly starts to smell but having just the CFLs for to long might not be enough, am I right? She does seem a bit tall for a week old baby (2.5 inch).


I’ve used that light in a 2x4 space. It works, but your buds won’t reach their maximum potential. If you’re going with roleadro, try the 600w; it’s only a little more expensive & you’ll get nicer buds.

There are a gazillion light options. Some better, some worse. For starting out in this hobby, those roleadro are great!

Once you decide you’re in love with growing, you’ll probably want to kick your lighting game up a notch. For now, though, a 600w (true draw 270) is better than a 300w (true draw 140).

If budget isn’t a problem, the world is your grow light. We can send in the calvary to get you hooked up with a better, more efficient light setup. :grinning:

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Thank you @blackthumbbetty! That definitely makes sense, 600W sounds a bit scary, is it also plug and play? As I am a totall newbie I am seriously afraid not to go overboard with hooking up to much powerful devices in the house.

omg the calvary :joy: I am not sure if I should be happy or a little scared :sweat_smile:

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The actual wattage draw of Roleadro 600w is only about 270watts from the wall. It is still just a simple plug-in, plus it has daisy chain capabilities. It doesn’t produce a lot of heat, but it will raise your grow area temp by about 8-10F, which isn’t too bad.

I have 2 300w (actual draw 140 each) in my 2x4 tent with 3 plants, and 1 300w & 1 600w (actual total draw 410) with 5 plants. I have used these lights for 1.5 grow seasons w/o any issues.

With leds, the wattage the manufacturers give tends to be the max POTENTIAL of the lights, but the ACTUAL power of the lights is much less.

A lot of the cool, in-the-know kids are switching to quantum boards. They’re led lights, too, but next level & very efficient. They cost a bit more, but seem worth it, in the long run. I hope to switch to them this fall.


Thank you @blackthumbbetty, I have looked at amazon.co.uk and can’t locate a 600 Watt model of this, I see a 800W cob model though. Think I might go with two 300W as you suggest, that should be enough up to 3 plants if I want to go bigger at some stage, and plenty for 1 lady:)

My boyfriend is already asking how much higher the electricity bill will go;D ups…I don’t think I was totally honest with him when I said ‘barely noticeable hun’… You’ll hide me will you when it arrives in the post in 2 months and I have to seek asylum status?:grin:


Look-up Galaxyhydro. Same company, different name.

With all my lights & several fans, my electric bill only goes up by $60 month, and I live in Alaska. It’s really not too bad. :grinning:

Galaxyhydro 600W LED Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum with UV&IR for Indoor Greenhouse Plants Veg and Flower



My wife disapproves of my growing, so if things really go down, we’ll both be weed refugees. Lol!


Thank you for the link @blackthumbbetty !

Well you see my partner doesn’t disaprove, he is very much looking forward to the results :wink: however, he is the one paying electricity bills…sesese. But yes, if they both go against us we can run somewhere nice and warm and grow all we want :smiley: wouldn’t that be beautiful…ehhh

My ligts will turn on shortly, will check on the little lady, maybe top her up with some soil to cover a bit of the 2,5 inch she grew. She should root the covered stem, right? I left some space to add soil for that in the pot, bloody new she will stretch with those CFL’s and me not knowing what I am doing.

Yep, roots will grow from the stem, if you need to bury the stem for support. You can lower your lights a bit, too, to help with stretching.


Thanks, will add a bit of soil, don’t know how much more I can lower those lights, they are literally 2 inches above her as I lowered them the other day. Maybe she stretched cus they were much higher at the beggining.

I started reading your journal @blackthumbbetty, those are some fine girls!


Welcome to the forum @rumpelstiltskin
Your off to a great start! enjoy your grow!

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Thank you @Sasquatch, glad there are so many lovely people here:)

Do I look glowing this fine morning?:smirk:


I am looking at a tent, and considering a bit bigger one than what I said previously 90x90x185 cm the model is called Secret Jarding DR90 Rev. 3.0

One thing bothers me though, it says the size of sockets is 230mm for the fans etc. *see below a screenshoot of specs.

I then looked at fans and filter sizes and see stuff like the Red Scorpion Inline Duct Fan 200mm - 1220m3…the size of it is 200mm the size of the socket is 230…how on earth does it connect (I have a phd in duct tape and WD40 fixes everything…but I have no clue what to do here ;D )

Also wouldn’t that fan be way to powerfull for that size of a tent and LED’s 300W up to max 600W? Plus a carbon filter to fit that is a whole other story.

Help me kind people, pretty pleaseee cus rumpel is crumbling under all of it;)

In my small tent, I have my 6" fan hooked-up to my 8" vent hole, using a duct clamp; the fan is 220cfms.

In my bigger tent, I have my 6" ducting hooked-up to my 8" vent hole using duct clamps . The fan is 400cfm, which is way more cfms than I need. I’ll be upgrading fans next year to lower cfm, higher efficiency. I bought these fan/filters in a pinch, b/c my house was getting skunky.


Evening seedling porn😎

She’s so pretty I am going to melt😁

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Thank you @blackthumbbetty, I guess I am going to read up some more on that.

On a good note somehow I manage without doing anything really to keep humidity at a lovely constant between 56 to 60 and temperature at 22-23 Celsius, did spike once to 26-27 but the fan is blowing now all the time and cools the lights.

I watered her today a bit more cus the top dried out completely. Still need to hurry and get a proper ph meter before I ruin her!

I am completing my shopping list for the tent and light for now. Can’t wait to have her under the LED in the tent! I am constantly checking on her and reading, checking and reading and then reading more…my outside life will suffer eventually😆 I have spent 6 solid hours at work reading the forum😳…worked 15 min and throughout lunch did more…have a guess



Good morning girls and boys😀 Although I am in bits and have to drive 2 hours to a silly meeting the little girl is looking scrumpfy dumpy delicious! She has grown visibly over night and is spreading her little wings at 5cm as off now. The second set of leaves coming out got a tiny bit bigger and she has grown up a little as well leaving her baby leafs a notch below😁

I know I know…seriously detailed description of a 10 hour growth of a baby. What can I say, she is so precious I can’t resist😝 And I am a proud mama! I


Cute as a button I tell ya !
Nice work so far, but just remember too much love and we kill the babies.
Hovering Newbie Syndrome
I had it my first time too… shoot I believe everyone does. But you’ll be fine and so will she. Good luck my friend, happy growing :sunglasses:


Thank you @Nug-bug, much appreciated:) The nesting syndrome kicks in in new mama. It’s I imagine normal to go overboard with a first born😂

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