Pure Kush [Feminised]. First grow [week 3-8] new update*

Strain: Pure Kush
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
92 days of Veg
26 days into flowering (12/12)
One Plant (20 gallon pot) + 2 Clones (5 gal pot)
Light. Sunmaster Super HPS Deluxe 400w [1m
N-P-K 1-2-2
pH - 6.3 - 6.5
Temp. day 27-30°C / Night 24-27°C
Humidity 50-60%


@RubiBANANA666…I am very curious. Why did you let it veg for 92 days?

Week 3 (day 27) Mother Plant

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BC i has only ONE SEED so…
this is my MOTHER Plant, producing lot of clones
i saw 6 month old plants producing of one pound buds. maybe i can hit half pound

White Pistils

So, reading between the lines. You are located some place where it is difficult to get quality seeds? Correct?

no no no, that’s not a problem.
i has 5 seeds but 4 of them died :frowning:

Oh, JEEZ…a seedling murderer…yikes

nooo…i think they was just not good enough (bough them in netherlands)
i found another new seed last month and the plant is growing and growing…
i love plants…lol

Suggest you order from the site here. Good stock, variety and replacement.

They will sell more than 5 seeds at a time…wink, wink…:wink:

i can’t order seeds online.
seeds are illegal in my country :frowning:
yea sure i can buy more than 5 seed in netherlands to :slight_smile:
but some strains are not available like green hulk fE

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Growing cannabis is illegal here but i can still get quality seeds at this site & get them in 10 days


here? where you from?

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South central Texas. Go to ilgm seed & they did have buy 10 get 10 free on gorilla glue. Always good deals there & if they dont germinate they send more seeds. How can you beat it?

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Week 4 (day 30)

Week 4 (day 32)

Buds growing now…i flushed the Plant with 30 gal water (pH6.5)…and now she’s getting 100% Nutes…

Week 5 (day 40)

She produces Buds only now…

pH 6.3 - 6.4 / Temp. 27°C day, 24°C night / RH. 50% / NPK 1-2-2

Week 6


Beautiful pictures

thx i try my best
macro pictures are very hard to shoot with my cam

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