Pure Indica Strain

So I just stumbled upon this hobby over the summer when I remembered it is now complete legal to grow in my state. The summer and fall consisted of a lot of little experiments but I learned a lot.

I currently have a nice big sour diesel in my basement ready for harvest in a few weeks and have been coordinating a more organized operation for a more serious run with seeds I have been collecting. Wish I started a grow Journal! (Next time)

I currently have a Girl Scout cookies, white widow, bubble gum (from ilgm), blue dream and finally, my main bitch, the pure indica from ilgm! These plants range from around 5 weeks to two months old and I am in transition right now flipping them into my bloom tent!

Anyways, sorry for the babbling on… the pure indica is by far what I am most excited about. I don’t smoke but am really hoping that once I try this indica, I will!

So, I want any and all experiences I can get regarding this strain! Very excited for it and really look forward to feedback and insight regarding it. Thanks in advance!

(5 gal pot for reference)


It is wonderful meds for People who have insomnia can’t sleep and wonderful for pain and headaches she is absolutely beautiful Keep up the great work


Oh, and a note for anyone interested. This thing is soooo ridiculously bushy that it’s insane. I’ve already decided to strip about 40 - 50% off of her 4 times already to promote more focused growth and she just keeps fluffing back out! So awesome and unique imo! I love this crazy plant!


Thanks for the reply. Ironically enough, my sleeping has been absolutely horrible for about a month now. Unfortunately I will not get to smoke this for another 3 months or so :unamused:

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But it will be worth it and even if you don’t smoke it there are ways to cook it and eat it and it works just as good


Edibles have the same effect on me as smoking. Just more intense and drawn out. I’m on a strain hunt trying to find something that relaxes me opposed to feeling all tweaked out and paranoid… Banking on this pure indica!


Sounds like you need to harvest when it’s all milky @Walt80 if it turns amber that’s when you get that couch lock don’t want to do crap effect


I am quite partial to Pure Indica myself. I share freely with a few friends. It is hands down everyone’s favorite strain in our group!


Tell me more!!! Yield, potency, density, growing issues or concerns? Tell me EVERYTHING!

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I’ve only done the one plant. Yielded the least of the four plants in that cycle. Density was good, aroma and taste are great, high is very chill and euphoric. It’s a great hang on the couch and play video games smoke.

My next cycle is going to be monster clones of a second Pure Indica seed that I stated a month ago. I’ve had the mother slowly growing and in a few months, I’m going to snatch a bunch of clones and flower the strongest six.


@walt80 did you do any topping or training to get the plant that bushy, or did it grow that way?

[quote=“Sixpackdad, post:11, topic:17069, full:true”]
@walt80 did you do any topping or training to get the plant that bushy, or did it grow that way?

It was naturally insanely thick and bushy. I stripped her down about 50% like 4 different times literally. Piles of foliage taken off each time…

I do top all my plants and super crop them. With this one however, I did not super crop because height isn’t an issue. I did top several times and after lollipopimg several times I also did some LST and ties branches down to expose all main bud sites as seen in picture above.

Working out great. Going into bloom tent this Sunday!


She looks nice, how old?

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Sprouted October 28 sooooo um like 7 weeks old? A little over 2 months…

Nothing flashy. Coco, t5 light, general hydroponics nutes… doing the trick though!